Saturday, July 12, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn's Day 12th July

Beautiful Sunset
Positively Lost Me
by Dylan

My version of this song - that was originally done by a great band called The Rave-Ups back in the 80's. The leader of this band, Jimmer Podrasky, is, from my point of view, one of the most underrated songwriters i know...I think the band doesnt exist anymore...and their albums are quite hard to find.
"Positively Lost Me" is a funny little song...featured on their first release, "Town and Country".

Thanks to BossHook for his advices on this one...All real live instruments here (someone handed me a i had to play it loud!), plus some drums loops...

And that's all for a few weeks folks !
Beautiful Sunset
Alien Intervention
by easyesteemer
I'm back after being gone a while. Something a little different here.
Beautiful Sunset
G r i p s
by yosL

Extremely Dangerous
(if fallen in the wrong hands)

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