Sunday, July 20, 2008

Liberal Messages Sunday 20th July

Mark Vaile
A dedicated and decent man, Mark has worked tirelessly on behalf of all Australians throughout his 15 years in parliament.

Broadband users dealt another blow
Broadband users seeking higher speeds have been dealt another blow today with confirmation of yet another time-table overrun under the Rudd Government’s troubled National broadband plan.

Lindsay Thompson: An Extraordinary Man
Ted Baillieu - Deservedly, Lindsay Thompson was widely and deeply respected right across Victoria, and by all sides of politics.

Former Senator Peter Durack
The Liberal Party has lost one of its most influential parliamentarians with the death of former Senator Peter Durack.

A new tax on petrol - but not until after the election (for The Herald Sun)
It is also clear that our food, clothing and consumer goods will be hit with a new transport tax within a year of Mr Rudd’s new tax scheme being introduced.

Rudd's Chief of Staff under the microscope
Just 24 hours since the release of Kevin Rudd’s Green Paper, questions are already being asked about potential conflicts of interest involving the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, David Epstein.

Queensland health not taking health seriously
The Queensland Government has let the people of Queensland down today as the state’s Department of Health pulled out of the Senate inquiry into the Medicare Levy Surcharge Threshold changes.

Labor's broadband mess gets a whole lot messier
The Rudd Labor Government's National Broadband Network (NBN) mess got a whole lot messier today with the box-seat proponent Telstra withdrawing from workplace enterprise agreement negotiations concerned union demands could jeopardise its NBN bid.

State Labor reveals the truth on the education revolution
The Queensland Labor Government has joined the federal opposition in calling on the Rudd Government to acknowledge the ongoing costs of the digital education revolution.

Kevin Rudd's FuelWatch scheme will benefit big oil and hit consumers hard
The Rudd Government’s national FuelWatch scheme will support big oil companies, drive small independents out of business and severely impact price conscious consumers, a Senate inquiry was told today.

A new tax on petrol, but not until after the next election
Indeed, Senator Wong confirmed at the Press Club today that she was “giving Australians notice” that they should prepare for higher petrol prices.

Nelson Doorstop - Emissions trading scheme, FuelWatch...
Well the Government has confirmed today that it has a new tax coming on petrol, groceries and electricity in the form of the emissions trading scheme.

Trade Minister missing in action
WA government confirms FuelWatch doesn't lower petrol prices
Labor must retain ABCC
Police should investigate claims of drugs at Villawood
Secret review of homeland security exposes Labor's policy sham
Labor must choose - small business or the unions
Report into the 2006 Black Hawk accident
What is the government hiding on FuelWatch, asks Hartsuyker
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