Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Promoting New Music Woden's Day 16th July

Beautiful Sunset
Camptown Races (1850): Mix 1
Camptown Races (mix 2)
by georgeptingley

Stephen Foster's great tune traveling LogicExpress. Constructive criticism always welcome. Thanks for listening.

George Peter Tingley arranges and performs Stephen Foster's CAMPTOWN RACES.
I have indulged in a second mix. For those interested in such matters, I have 1) boosted the volume of the rhythm guitar beneath the piccolo solo, 2) combined violas with the Irish fiddle near the end for more convincing string sound, 3) fine tuned some of the piano figures, 4) doubled a few notes of piano near the end with piccolo, and 5) added a drum roll/cymbal crash at the end for a more rousing finish.

Stephen Foster's CAMPTOWN RACES from 1850 is arranged, performed, and recorded by George Peter Tingley.

Beautiful Sunset
by k6

Etude...for lack of a better title.
Beautiful Sunset
Pillars of Eden (Right Between the Eyes)
by Baboon, PowerMatt and jayman

It's all right between your eyes. The seat of consciousness. What you choose to build there or tear down, is the only choice you have in life and largely responsible for what your hands and feet do.

The LongLines hope you enjoy our latest tune..."Pillars of Eden"

Composition, keys and drums...Jayman
Lyrics and vocals.............Baboon
Guitar........................PowerMatt (theGranz)
Beautiful Sunset
My Peaceful Place
by easyesteemer and MessengerBoy

I listened to this tune by Messengerboy
It is a simple piece that kind of made my mind wander. My mind wanders quite a bit and always did. When I was younger i was teased about it and sometimes I still am. I think its healthy to have a mental place where you can go to escape when you need to do so. I make no apologies for going to my own mental place from time to time. Maybe some here can relate. Thanks Messengerboy your tune helped me travel there and back today.
Beautiful Sunset
roll like a river
by that80sboy, BossHook and NorthPoint

some music that alan and northpoint were nice enough to let me cover....with a nice dose of "bosshook" for flavour!! hope you like!

composition/lyrics/bass/backing vocals: alan (northpoint)
lead guitar: bosshook
guitars/keys/lead vocal: that80sboy
Beautiful Sunset
by dirigent

relax ...
Beautiful Sunset
Duke's Blues
by Bass2x and Filmscorz

Jammin' with the duke hisself!
Jeff, you R the man!
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