Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Promoting New Music Tyr's Day 29th July

Beautiful Sunset
A Little Lapse of Memory - Take 2
by Sloparts

I posted a Remastered version of this the other day, and just pull it off because of some horrendous mixing errors in it. So here we go again, with the remastered, remaster, only this time it's a very much different mix where less is more and more is great. (I Hope)

So lets try this again shall we. All suggestions and comments are, as always, welcome and appreciated.

Thanks for you patience with the old codger on this side of the screen.

Be well and be Cool,

Beautiful Sunset
Alien Proof....They are here for the Pizza...
by woodguy32

yes they are here.. somewhere on Planet NY

eating pizza...

Beautiful Sunset
Stop War - Have Mercy
by dirigent

I continue my serial "Stop War" with a track in which I use an old medieval prayer with the mantra-liturgical-word "eleison" which is old greece and means "Have Mercy".

Music, Vocals and Production by Dirigent

The melody is taken from a Bicinium of an unknown composer (11th or 12 th century)

The picture is taken from a press-report about German soldiers in Afghanistan ...
Beautiful Sunset
by Heightened and ShadowofNine

I had the fortune to catch Dave between songs for this collaboration so I sent him 3 tracks: using only two he came up with this bloody brilliant song. And he did it under 48 hours: unbelievable! What can I say, Dave has more talent in his pinky than I have in my whole, fat, over-bloated body on thanksgiving day!
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