Thursday, July 17, 2008

Promoting New Music Thor's Day 17th July

Beautiful Sunset
Let Me Pass
by Xolv

Bob Diddley honked his horn for the last time this year. He passed away in June (06.02.2008).

This track is a tribute to one of the legends of Rock and Roll; one of the many songs he wrote with his name in It was 'Bo Diddley put the Rock in Rock and Roll', indicating he was aware of this status, while another title was 'Bo Diddley is a Lunatic', so he must have had some self irony.

It was suggested by some icompers that this people should post tribute songs, so here is mine. It was my second choice, but thats how it goes. It is an original tune by Bo Diddley, you can hear the original here
I play it differently though. I use a funky strut with a little swing and on top of that a rockabilly bass - and funky e-piano . The blues harp solo uses samples released under a CC license, the creator is "TexasMusicForge". His link follows the sample Url:, which were downloaded from freesound , Url:

I hope it can be enjoyed, but the track has these warnings:i) It is not a Bo Diddley copy, ii) It is not a copy of a definite style iii) It is not a typical blues song iv) I'm singing.

The track does use the characteristic Bo Diddley rhythm, exept in one single bar - I'll by you a beverage if you spot it.

I have not tested the mix on other systems, I'm afraid of the boomy bass.

About the album art: Notice all the controls on the old mans guitar. He also has a GK2 pickup.
Beautiful Sunset
by ShadowofNine

I am searching for good old Rock n Roll, music that makes your head bob, and your feet move, so I decided to make my own, lots of influences in this one, Bob Seger,T Rex,the Stones,and others less famous, but mostly this is so that I and I hope you can have FUN...

Hope you like Rock'n'Roll...

©Shadow Productions
Beautiful Sunset
by Heightened

This song is about Saturn's third largest moon, Iapetus, which has a ridge running around its circumference making it look artificial. You can find a picture at It is one of the oddest lunar formations ever photographed and some believe that it is not even a moon but an alien object of some kind. Natural? Alien made? Whatever it is, it would be all-inspiring to approach but at the same time somewhat unnerving.
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