Saturday, July 05, 2008

Promoting New Music Saturn Day 5th July

Beautiful Sunset
Hot-House Rag
by georgeptingley

Indiana composer Paul Pratt wrote this perennial favorite in 1914. It is both fiery/percussive and lyrical in turns and is an early example of novelty style piano. (Anyone heard of Zez Confrey's KITTEN ON THE KEYS?)

Pianist George Peter Tingley plays Paul Pratt's HOT-HOUSE RAG (1914).
Beautiful Sunset
Universums Sång
by brnPetra

This is an acoustic song I've written.
Music,Lyrics and vocals by me Petra Borén.
Lyrics in Swedish.
Beautiful Sunset
You Save Me (duet w Petra)
by Dylan, JodyG and brnPetra
This one is very special for me. First, i'm so lucky to have Petra singing this duet with me. I'd like to thank her very much for her performance. We also have JodyG playing organ and piano, with his usual class and magic fingers on the ivories...

This song is Jennie Stearns song. Jennie is an independent artist from Ithaca, New-York, she's released many albums and i honestly think she's one of those criminally overlooked singer/songwriters...Her songs and her delivery are something else...'americana with a twist'. We exchanged some messages on myspace, i fell in love with all her work and especially this song, "You Save Me". I asked her if she'd allow me to make a cover here on Icomp...i added that i'd totally understand if she'd slap my face. She said 'no slap in the face...looking forward hearing your version'.

How COOL is that ? Ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoy this track (no download, i think you'll understand), PLEASE go and check Jennie's work. And buy it. And go see her on stage (check out Felicia's Atomic Lounge, 508 West State Street in Ithaca, NY). That's my only and modest wish....

Dedicated to my daughter Eva. She saved me so many times...
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