Monday, July 07, 2008

Promoting New Music Moon's Day 7th July

Beautiful Sunset
The World's Messiah
by dirigent

In memoriam G.F. Handel (1685-1759)

A contemporary-classical-world-jazz-rock-electronica-fusion track.

Musical motives by G. F. Handel
Vocals, arrangement, synthwork and instruments by Dirigent

Three parts:
1. Comfort Ye
2. Ev'ry Valley
3. Ouverture
Beautiful Sunset
by DLB, Toni1 and 8MonthMalfunction

Rock song - which Toni and Ian very kindly agreed to help me with, hope you like it

Toni1 = Vocal/lyrics
8monthmalfunction = production/mix/lyrics
dlb = music/instruments
Beautiful Sunset
circuses, zoos, and menageries
by Mystified and particledots

"Yesterday is every day
And today is filled with dreams..."

A song about the magic and wonder of childhood...a few years removed

This is merely a sketch--the vocals recorded one after the other in improvised fashion.
The instrumental is a loop that Bryn and I created when he was visiting last month, and he was helping me out with some questions in Logic.
He did all the very cool glitchy stuff and beats.
(Thank you, B--I'm extremely fortunate to be working with you!)

This loop will show up again on other, more polished pieces in the future--specifically, sonic magpie.
Beautiful Sunset
by Dylan, macoco, AnnaRouge and Barretok

A latin connection...Milan - Buenos Aires - New York via Lima - Toulouse.

Song written by Joe Henry.

Credits goes :

Anna : Accordion
macoco : nylon guitars
Barretok : translation/adaptation and spanish voice
Dyl : drums/percussions, bass, nylon and electric guitars, ukulele, english voice

As usual, no loops, only real live instruments here...I hope you will enjoy. This tune means a lot to me. Anna, Hernan, Bernardo...thank you again.
Beautiful Sunset
Logic Ninja Boogie
by Heightened

Since getting Logic Studio I have been struggling to put out songs. Fortunately Logic Ninja has come to my rescue time and time again through his many wonderful videos on YouTube. Thank you Logic Ninja and when I say this I think I can speak for all Logic Loonies logging onto your instructional videos: the time and effort you put in to help everyone is appreciated beyond measure!!! A million thanks from me and everyone. I only hope this song dedicated to you doesn't put you off to making more videos. Lol!

by birdmix77

as the name suggests... it is the dead of winter here in melbourne...
by birdmix77

i wrote this after learning of my uncle's death. his two adult children never made much time for him. it saddens me to think how much we take for granted in each other. this is then an ode to all the people we should tell what we feel for them, even when they are not able to...
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