Monday, July 31, 2006

Debnam Welcomes PM's Decision to Stay Put

Mr Howard Mr Debnam
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam today welcomed Prime Minister John Howard's decision to contest the next Federal election.

"I congratulate John Howard on his ten years as Prime Minister and his decision to contest the next election," Mr Debnam said.

ICAC Referral Over Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves
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The Iemma Government has serious questions to answer about the way it regained the Jenolan Caves House lease, Shadow Minister for The Environment Michael Richardson said today following a newspaper report that ICAC has been asked to investigate the matter.

“It is alleged that the Government deliberately failed to meet its contractual obligations with respect to Caves House to get rid of the Caves House lessee, “ Mr Richardson said.

In Hell They Nash Teeth

Dental Health
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Liberal Leader Peter Debnam, Leader of The Nationals Andrew Stoner and Shadow Health Minister Jillian Skinner today announced a dental health policy to help hundreds of thousands of people in NSW get their teeth fixed in the public health system.

“NSW must move beyond Labor’s excuses and simply make funding available to allow people to get their teeth fixed, “ Mr Debnam said.

Iemma Govt Must Investigate Jeff Sinclair Payout

Jeff Sinclair
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The Iemma Labor Government must quickly find out who why his Workers Compensation Commission made the decision to compensate former teacher Jeff Sinclair.

“This is a decision made by the NSW Workers Compensation Commission, a group of faceless bureaucrats and lawyers. We need to know who they are.

Mr Howard Addresses WA Libs

Thank you very much Julie for those very generous words of introduction. Danielle Blain, the wonderful President of the Western Australian Division of the Liberal Party, Paul Omodei, the Leader of the Opposition in Western Australia, with whom earlier this morning I had a very lengthy discussion about how we could work together to bring about a change in the political climate here in Western Australia. Paul and you will have my goodwill, and my cooperation, and my energy to help you in that task. And I know that I speak for all of my parliamentary colleagues in the Federal Parliament from Western Australia in saying that.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Prince Harry, with Che T Shirt

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry, chastised for his wearing a Nazi Uniform has continued to display considerable taste, donning a Che Guevarra. Oh well, we all make mistakes.

My more recent mistake has been to tell others the following link showed Hezbollah entering a UN ambulance. In fact, it is Hamas (or Fatah) .. same horse, but a different jockey.

Protestors Supporting Hezbollah Mob Aus PM

A hate crime committed in Seattle, Washington had six Jewish people shot by white supremacist gunman calling for Israel to leave Lebanon.

Israel WANTS to leave Lebanon.

Lebanon, and the UN have abrogated responsibility to police their people.

I want Israel to leave Lebanon .. after Hezbollah is crushed.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, professional protestors have mobbed Mr Howard, calling for Israel to leave Lebanon.

Clinic Symbolizes Partnership and Friendship in Yemen

Friendship in Yemen
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By Air Force 1st Lt. Omar Villarreal
Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa Public Affairs

CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti — Nearly a year after the project started, the people of Baytal al-Qudhi and the surrounding community of more than 65,000 have a new clinic to treat their medical emergencies.

U.S. Navy Capt. Stephen Johnson, Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa chief of staff, joined Dr. Nabeel Khoury, chargé for the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, Mohammed Al-Ansi, the under secretary of the governor of Taiz, two local religious leaders and about 200 villagers Wednesday to dedicate the $220,000 CJTF - HOA sponsored clinic.

The clinic, which sits on top of a nearly 2,500-meter mountain, received new latrines and plumbing, a new electrical system, a water storage unit and new rooms for in-patient care. {Clickon image for details}

Obide tribes coming together to secure region, generate prosperity

Working Together
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By Maj. Anna Friederich
2nd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Officer, 4th Infantry Division

FOB KALSU, Iraq — The southern portion of Iraq is reaping the long overdue benefits of infrastructure rebuilding and trained security forces.

Although the areas in the Karbala, Najaf and Babil provinces still have their share of turbulence, some of the success the provinces are enjoying stems from the willingness of local tribes to work together to put their part of Iraq back together, said Capt. Dave Zaino, commander, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

“We are going into areas in the northern sector of our area of operations, finding a large population who are putting the pieces back together on their own,” said Zaino.

Last week, Zaino met with Sheik Mohammed for the first time and found he and the surrounding tribes were working on a joint project on their own to improve the water system in their area. {Click on image for details}

Panjshir PRT medics visit remote Afghan district

Remote Afghan
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By Air Force Capt. Joe Campbell
Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team

PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Patients walked as far as six miles, and waited as long as eight hours, for treatment by Air Force medics from the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team who visited the Paryan district on July 15 and 16.

The Medical Civic Action Program, or MEDCAP, was coordinated at the invitation of Panjshir Director of Health Dr. Jellani. The Paryan District police chief provided officers for escort and security for the event.

At nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, Paryan is the northernmost, and has the highest elevation, of the six districts in the Panjshir Valley. Due to the rough and narrow road, it took the team more than five hours to reach the district from their headquarters in Bazarak.

“We saw the dire need in Paryan when we were here recently to do site evaluations and humanitarian assistance drop planning,” said Air Force Maj. Kurt Workmaster, Panjshir PRT physician assistant. He is a reservist deployed from Duke Field in Florida. {Click on image for details}

Parwan government, Bagram PRT build ‘bridge to future’

Bridge to Future
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By Maj. David Kurle
455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

NAWAJ, PARWAN PROVINCE , Afghanistan – In the culmination of more than a year’s efforts, the Parwan deputy governor cut the ribbon on a bridge July 11 in the northern part of this province connecting Afghans to their country.

The new bridge spans a river in the mountains and was built with the future in mind as it accommodates both foot and vehicle traffic. It will connect 600 to 700 families in mountain villages to a main highway and, by extension, to the rest of Afghanistan.

“This is a very great day,” said Parwan Deputy Governor Gulam Sedeeq Sedeeq as he cut the ribbon to open the bridge. “Now that you have this bridge you have to make sure the bridge is maintained. You must take care of it.” {Click on image for details}

New Iraqi Command Opens

MNF Iraq
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Troops stand at attention during the ceremony. (Photo by Multi-National Force - Iraq)
Story by Multi-National Force - Iraq

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Training and Doctrine Command officially opened in a ceremony at the Cultural Center Compound in Baghdad Tuesday.

The ITDC now has the ability and sufficient resources to oversee all Iraqi national defense related education and military doctrine development.

This is an important milestone as Iraq progresses toward its goal of being fully operable by July 2007, said Gen. Babakir Badir Khan Zebari, Iraqi Joint Forces commander.

“A modern and developed Doctrine coordinated with our national vision and interests helps create a culture for national security,” he said.

Australian General Shows Promise

Maurie McNam
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The press are full of anti US stories. Greg Sheridan shamelesly piles accusation upon accusation that promotes the image of Australia' s Major General McNam at US expense.

I suspect that Major General McNam played the role as he was supposed to. Oversight is an essential role.

However things panned out, it is testimony to the man, the nation and the political party that sent the man with the right equipment to execute his function.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Government And Senior Business Discuss Security

Government Security
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Senior government ministers will meet with key Australian business leaders today to discuss Australia's ongoing fight against terrorism.

The discussions will take place at the third meeting of the Business-Government Advisory Group on National Security.

"The Group was established to ensure that we have open and productive lines of communication between business and government leaders on security issues and the protection of our critical infrastructure," Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said.

Mr Howard's Address to Reconciliation Australia

Mr Howard
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Thank you very much Jackie, Mick Dodson, Mark Leibler, Chip Goodyear, ladies and gentlemen. Before going to the substance of my remarks, I would like to thank Joy, once again, for her very gracious and warm welcome and to pay my respects to the Wurundjeri people, the traditional owners of the land on which we gather. It was as always a very friendly and very generous welcome, and I thank you for that.

Howard Government delivers major new safeguards against abuse

Aged Abused
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The Howard Government has announced a $90.2 million package of reforms aimed at further safeguarding older people in residential aged care homes from sexual and serious physical assault.

The reforms, announced today by the Minister for Ageing, Senator Santo Santoro, include the creation of a new Aged Care Commissioner, rigorous new complaints investigation procedures, a regime of compulsory reporting of abuse, and legislative protections for whistleblowers.

Disability Services Closed Down

Disability Services
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The State Labor Government is set to ignore the pleas of parents, clients and supporters of the Sylvanvale Disability Service at Sutherland to save their day programs for recent school leavers, Shadow Minister for Disability Services John Ryan said today.

"The State Government will break their hearts telling them that their Community Participation will be shut down over the next few weeks," Mr Ryan said.

NRMA's Alternative Fuel summit

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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam today welcomed the announcement of the NRMA's Alternative Fuel summit.

" I have made it clear a NSW Liberal/Nationals Government will be seeking a dramatic increase in ethanol production and use as part of the state's fuel mix," Mr Debnam said.

"A fortnight ago, NSW Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Minister for Roads Andrew Stoner and I convened an ethanol roundtable as the first plank in the formation of our biofuels policy," he said.

NSW Govt Washing Hands

Social Work
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The NSW Parole Authority has told staff of a Surry Hills halfway house they will be responsible for preventing an HIV-infected murderer spreading the disease when she is released as early as next week.

"Maddison Hall is the beneficiary of a bizarre decision by the Parole Authority last week to unleash her on the community almost immediately at the completion of her minimum sentence," said Shadow Justice Minister Andrew Humpherson today.

"This Government is washing its hands of responsibility," Mr Humpherson said.

NSW Govt Oversaw Canberra Bushfire

Canberra Bushfire
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The NSW Government deserves blame for poor management of the bushfires that ultimately devastated Canberra in 2003 in advice given to the ACT Coronial Inquiry by Counsel assisting the Coroner.
"The proposed findings could expose NSW taxpayers to millions in compensation for the disaster which saw almost 500 homes burned and four lives lost." according to NSW Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Andrew Humpherson

Transport Minister Called to Explain Lies

Minister's Code
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Transport Minister, John Watkins, needs to explain his claims Labor’s new timetable is a ‘success’ given CityRail statistics revealing trains failed to meet PM peak on-time running targets for 40 of the 46 weeks it has been in operation.

Shadow Minister for Transport Barry O’Farrell said commuters wanted the Minister to devote his energies to genuine rail improvements, not distortions designed to further Labor’s political aims.

Delayed Surgery Risks Patient's Life

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Shadow Health Minister Jillian Skinner has accused the Iemma Labor Government of playing Russian Roulette with the life of Per-Olav Peltonen who has been waiting nine months for treatment for a nine-centimetre aneurism, which could rupture and kill him at any moment.

“Mr Peltonen has been sent two letters asking if he still wants surgery to deal with the huge aneurism when the government knows it doesn’t even have the equipment to do his needed surgery,” Mrs Skinner said.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Saddam's Thank You

Suicide Bomber's Mum
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This cheque for $25k which is about 4 times the annual salary of an average Lebanese was given to this woman for her son, who was a suicide bomber.

The bereaved mother didn't cry for the camera.

flags of UN and Hezbollah

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A clearly marked UN flag. A clearly marked Hezbollah flag. Why is the UN endorsing a terrorist organisation?

inflating Rail Figures

inflating Rail Figures
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Despite record petrol prices across Sydney, the latest CityRail patronage figures reveal an extra 78,000 people using trains each week, well below the increases claimed by the State Government earlier this month.

“Increased patronage is welcome, but distorting the figures for political gain is not,” Mr O’Farrell said.

Water Recycling for Ocean Outfalls

Water Recycling
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam and Shadow Minister for Utilities Andrew Stoner today announced they would convene a taskforce to reclaim a valuable source of water by recycling ocean outfalls off the NSW coastline.

The Ocean Outfalls Recycling Taskforce will meet on Monday 28th August to development an action plan to close NSW's ocean outfalls and recycle the wastewater for industrial use, environmental flows and for non-drinking purposes.

Representatives from the community include environmental groups, industry, scientists, engineers, Sydney Water and the State Government will be invited to attend.

"Recycling the ocean outfalls has a two-fold benefit," Mr Debnam said.

Injecting Room must be closed

Injecting Room
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam said today the Premier must step in and close the injecting room and use these scarce funds for the treatment of drug addicts.

"It's time for the Premier to close the Kings Cross Injecting Room and tell us all whether Labor plans to open more injecting rooms in other suburbs," Mr Debnam said.

ALP's 8th Ferry Chief

Sydney Ferry
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The appointment of the eighth chief to Sydney’s ferry service since Labor’s election offered no guarantee to commuters of improved services, Shadow Minister for Transport Barry O’Farrell said today.

“Every time Labor has made a new appointment it has been accompanied by the usual promises of improved services,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“Ferry users know just how hollow those promises have been,” he said.

“Whenever the ferry service has run into trouble, the Labor Government has cast off another transport chief.

Out of Touch Parole Authority

Parole Authority
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Legislation in NSW shows the Iemma Government can and should intervene when the Parole Authority has made poor decisions to prematurely release dangerous criminals like Maddison Hall, says the Opposition.

"Hall is eligible for release as early as next week despite completing just 16 years of a 22 year prison term for a "cold blooded" execution in southern NSW in 1987," says Shadow Justice Minister Andrew Humpherson.

"The Minister has suggested he is powerless to overturn decisions of the NSW Parole Authority," said Mr Humpherson.

"However the legislation clearly states the Governor, on the advice of the State Government, has the right to remove any or all of the appointed Parole Authority members*.

Premier, Come Clean on Relocation

Concord Hospital
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Shadow Minister for Mental Health Gladys Berejiklian said today the Premier and Minister for Health should come clean on the Concord Hospital Mental Health Relocation Plan.

“The Premier and Minister for Health are hiding behind re-announcement after re-announcement while thousands of people across the state suffer because the Government has failed to provide adequate services in mental health,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Kofi Annan and Hassan Nasrallah

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Here you see the UN shaking hands with Hezbollah. You will not find Annan pictured with Israel's Olmert.

Before Annan claimed that Israel had targeted 4 UN observers, he had failed to respond to the observers concerns that Hezbollah were using them as cover to shoot at Israel. It is past time Annan stood aside from the UN he has so abysmally failed.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

U.S. Airmen Teach Iraqi Volunteers to Battle Blazes

Fight Fires
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By SSGT Stacy Fowler 506th Air Expeditionary Group

KIRKUK AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) — Iraqi Air Force maintenance people are putting down their wrenches and picking up fire hoses. They are under the experienced eyes of Kirkuk Air Base's 506th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron firefighters here.

For firefighters of the Iraqi Air Force, walking into an inferno on an already warm day is an experience still rather new.

"The majority of the Iraqi firefighters have never been to a formal fire academy and have never been part of a fire department," said Staff Sgt. Carlos Bosch, a 506th ECES firefighter. "We are here to ease their transition and help them enhance their job knowledge and professional skills."

The Iraqi firefighters' training began in April with basic principles of fire and fire behavior training, along with rudimentary fire attack procedures to fight the flames, Sergeant Bosch said.
Photo by Senior Airman Angelita Collins

Dozens of Bases Transferred to Iraqis

Baghdad Base
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MNF-I Story

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Because of the increasing abilities of Iraqi security forces, Coalition forces have been able to transfer to Iraqi control dozens of forward operating bases in Iraq.

Of the 110 FOBs operated by the Coalition at the start of 2005, 30 have been transferred to the Iraqi Transitional Government, transferred to the Iraqi Security Forces, or closed.

Task Force Band of Brothers will turn over control of the former Saddam Hussein presidential compound to Iraqi government officials in a ceremony in Mosul July 20.
Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jeremy L. Wood

Iraq’s Western Border Becoming More Secure

Western Border
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By Norris Jones
Gulf Region Central District
US Army Corps of Engineers

AL ASAD, Iraq — Iraq’s western border with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will now be more secure thanks to a continuous line of outposts that will be completed this month.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Central District (GRC) was responsible for overseeing that work which included 23 border forts overlooking nearly 600 kilometers of Iraq’s remote western frontier. The final fort, Border Fort 32, located along the Saudi Arabian border, was recently completed.

Each of those castle-like, one-story structures, built by a crew of about 20 Iraqis, measures 24.25 meters by 19.5 meters.
Photo by Gulf Region Division

Bagram PRT Gives Torched School a Second Chance

Second Chance
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By SPC Josh LeCappelain CJTF-76 Journalist

BAGRAM, Afghanistan — On an evening forever etched into the minds of the citizens of Nyazi Geranshakh, Parwan Province , arsonists savagely burnt down eight of 10 tents that comprised the local school.

Now, thanks to an organization called People-to-People, the government of Afghanistan and the Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team, those same Afghans can sleep better knowing that their children once again have an epicenter of learning.

Soldiers and airmen from the Bagram PRT traveled to the site of the school on July 19, equipped with replacement tents as well as backpacks and other supplies to better the lives of the people of Afghanistan .
Photo by CPT Mark Gibson

RAM Squad Exercises Ability to Rescue Coalition Forces

Ram Squad
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By MSGT Andrew Gates 407th Air Expeditionary Group Public Affairs

ALI BASE, Iraq — Firefighting, in and of itself, tends to be a strenuous and dangerous job, requiring its practitioners to place themselves in harm’s way to save lives and property.

A team of 20 Air National Guard firefighters at Ali Base have volunteered to increase both the danger and the strenuousness of their job, working on the Rescue Air Mobility Squad.

RAMS members are combat firefighters who travel “outside the wire” – outside the protection of the military base – to rapidly extricate victims from vehicles, said Senior Master Sgt. Roy Moore, 407th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron firefighter and one of two team leaders for the RAMS.
Photo by SSGT Rasheen Douglas

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Juvenile Justice Minister Forgets

Carmen Lawrence
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Juvenile Justice Minister Tony Kelly must explain how and why large numbers of his trusted staff have been using Government email to distribute and view pornography, the Shadow Minister for Juvenile Justice Catherine Cusack said today.

"The formal investigation of at least 10 Juvenile Justice Officers entrusted with custody and rehabilitation of child offenders is extremely serious. It strikes at the integrity of the justice system," Ms Cusack said.

Carmen Lawrence? I Forget

Carmen Lawrence
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Shadow Minister for Health, Jillian Skinner, has accused the Iemma Government of being more focussed on peddling rubbish about her visit to North Coast hospitals than on treating patients.

“Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Paul McLeay, has been peddling a press release making ludicrous claims,” Shadow Health Mister Jillian Skinner said.

“The Government knows where I go because I have to get the Health Minister’s permission to set foot in a hospital.

“This has triggered a rush of absurd press releases wherever I visit. Last week it was Moree and Narrabri, this week it’s Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Grafton.

ALP Neglect Railroads Public to Buses

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Last weekend, a ninety minute round trip privately ballooned to a six and a half hour public transport tour.

Only buses ran in the city CBD.

A simple Train to Bus trip became Train to Train To Bus to Bus and return.

Happens in rural NSW too, as Debnam notes, and Iemma ignores.

Welcome to Ethanol Monitoring

Peter Debnam
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam today welcomed the initiative of the Australian Government to ask the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to monitor the pricing of ethanol-blended fuel.

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile announced over the weekend the ACCC would extend its monitoring of petrol prices to include E10.

Costa's Financial Groundhog Day

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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam said today Michael Costa ignores Labor's financial disasters in NSW.

“Michael Costa's memory lapse seems to ensure he forgets NSW voters elect the Coalition to clean up Labor's financial mess,” Mr Debnam said.

“Here we go again - Labor has presented NSW voters with a $700 million deficit this year (more likely $1 billion) and are putting the state back into massive debt,” he said.

Aus Business, Gov Discuss Security

Oz Security
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Senior government ministers will meet with key Australian business leaders today to discuss Australia's ongoing fight against terrorism.

The discussions will take place at the third meeting of the Business-Government Advisory Group on National Security.

"The Group was established to ensure that we have open and productive lines of communication between business and government leaders on security issues and the protection of our critical infrastructure," Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said.

Govt Extends Medicare Service

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The Government has decided to provide ten additional Medicare-eligible Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services around Australia to serve areas with a relative undersupply of MRI and with the population and infrastructure to support these services.

Howard Addresses NSW Libs

Peter Debnam
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Thank you very much Geoff, Peter Debnam the Leader of the New South Wales Opposition, my many Federal and State Parliamentary colleagues and fellow Liberals. It’s always a pleasure for me to come and address the New South Wales State Council of the Liberal Party. I have been a member of this Division now since the late 1950s and much of what I know about politics I learnt in my early years as a member of the New South Wales Division. Many of the challenges that we faced in those days, although in number and composition were different from the challenges we face today, the principles that must be brought to bear in meeting those challenges have not changed over that 50 year period. And that is a consistent commitment to principle, cohesive response in public to political challenges, and most importantly of all, providing the people of Australia and the people of New South Wales with a vision about the future as much as properly articulating and debating the achievements of the past.

4600 New Uni Places

Sydney Uni
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The Australian Government has announced it will fund more than 4,600 new commencing Commonwealth supported higher education places, growing to more than 12,700 places by 2010.

These places include the recent announcement by the Prime Minister, in conjunction with the recent Council of Australian Governments meeting, of 605 medical school places, 1,036 general nursing places, 431 mental health nursing places, 210 clinical psychology places and 573 other health related places.

Nicholas Cowdery, Power, Hicks and Expectations

Nicholas Cowdery
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I recall a time when my mate, Nifty, could make a phone call and a room might become unlocked. ALP figures don't need to answer questions because of those skeletons that rattle in those closets. What would Power have seen in his career?

When the issue was first announced, I thought the fool had allowed many people access to his computer. I know some people whom I would never let near my computer because I don't trust them, but then I'm a recluse. One gets the impression that Power is a likeable party person.

What does 'life' mean for Cowdery's tenure? He can't transparently manage his office. Will Cowdery have office after Hicks is released?

As for Hicks, I think he should face a court, but the Democrats have messed up so badly on policy that Hicks can't now face a civilian court without his case being vacated on technicality .. he is a terrorist, he means to kill people, he is unrepentant but Americans like Mr Cowdery want to populate the world with such creatures. Amnesty International have spent much money supporting people who want to kill, like Hicks, despite their worthless charter.

In this case, and with Hicks, Nifty and all things ALP, justice is blind.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Liberal Left Fantasy

This book is based on fiction which supports Democrat Party perception. The Democrats can slap each other on the back over their work, which would have allowed Afghanistan and Iraq to remain in terrorist hands and which seems to endorse the killing of Israelis.

Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory

Kevin Barrett
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This is a teacher whom US taxpayers support to promote lies among the young. Students of his course on Islam at college are told that the US vice President was behind 911.

Students of his class have a textbook, "The New Pearl Harbour." Based on the little promoted suspicion that Democrat President FDR allowed the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbour as a political maneuver.

At the moment, Kevin's University is supporting him under the misguided application of freedom of speech, which lawmakers never intended.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Public Health Scandal

Sydney Harbour
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam said today Morris Iemma must come clean with the public and make a full statement on the extent of the dioxins scandal in Sydney Harbour.

"First as Health Minister and now Premier, Morris Iemma has refused to come clean with the public about the extent of the dioxins scandal in Sydney Harbour," Mr Debnam said.

"The Labor Government has knowingly allowed Sydney Harbour fishermen to be poisoned. This is criminal," he said.

NSW Govt Fail Preschools

Pre School
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Shadow Minister for Community Services Gladys Berejiklian said preschools from around NSW had contacted her in the last month upset the State Government had failed to properly distribute promised emergency funding.

“The State Government has demonstrated its lack of commitment to preschools by failing to properly distribute emergency funding, which was supposed to assist hundreds of community based preschools around the state desperate to make their services more affordable,” Ms Berejiklian said.