Monday, July 03, 2006

Mental Health System Failing Those in Need

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Gladys Berejiklian MP
Shadow Minister for Mental Health

Shadow Minister for Mental Health Gladys Berejiklian said today the tragic death of Jason Szczepek showed the mental health system in NSW was failing those in need of treatment.

Jason Szczepek was denied admission to Sutherland Hospital on 26 May, and again on 29 May. Later on the evening of 29 May he threw himself in front of a train.

“If a person in urgent need of treatment was turned away from receiving help, the State Government needs to explain why,” Ms Berejiklian said.


Anonymous said...

“Jason’s family want to highlight his case in the hope it will save lives and prevent another family having to go through the ordeal they’ve had to endure,” she said.

“Regrettably this is yet another case where family members who were seeking urgent treatment for a loved one suffering a mental illness were let down by a system that is simply broken.”

“Family members and primary carers are often able to pick up signs their loved one is about to have a dangerous episode, the system should not ignore their warnings.”

“The State Government must explain what admission procedures are in place at Sutherland Hospital and hospitals across NSW for mental health patients.”

“The Premier has only been paying lip service when it comes to mental health.”

“The reality is we have a system in NSW which is under-resourced and badly managed. As a result the most vulnerable in the community are being let down – often with tragic consequences.”

“The State Government has failed to release the Tracking Tragedy report by the Sentinel Events Review Committee set up to examine suicides occurring in State mental health facilities, or those occurring shortly after discharge.”

“What is the Sate Government trying to hide? The community has a right to know where the system is failing and what can be done to improve the treatment of those people with a mental illness.”

“Jason’s mother deserves an explanation as to why the system let her, and her son down,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Anonymous said...

Jason Szczepek's Mother is wanting compensation for herself, because of her dire fianancial circumstances, it's a disgrace that a Mother is trying to make money out of her son's death.

Anonymous said...

It's really dissapointing to see a Mother trying to make money out of her sons death, how low will some people go?

The Weasel said...

It is horrible to see anonymous people smearing those bereft. It often seems to happen with the ALP.

The Weasel said...

Everyone needs money. People will try to get it with whatever means they have, sometimes. Just because this poor woman lost her child through government neglect does not mean she has no right to live. I challenge anonymous to say who they are that they might make such outrageous claims.