Thursday, July 13, 2006

Media Campaign to Undermine Lib Future

Peter Costello
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While the current leadership of the Liberal Party is rightfully admired, with high performing ministers and demonstrable achievements undreamed ten years ago, the future of the party is not assured.

Both Mr Howard and Mr Costello are aware of this.

Mr Costello is the fron runner for any Liberal leadership position in the future. However, the public won't accept a Kiribilli style hand off, Mr Costello has to seize the leadership. But if Mr Costello attempts to seize it, he will damage Liberal election prospects.

Mr Howard and Mr Costello are aware of this. Mr Costello needs to force Mr Howard to hand over the leadership using the party room as the mechanism. The recent display of statesmanship by Costello over the '94 agreement is the first move in this forced mate. Howard has lost the leadership, although he will be PM for awhile.

Meanwhile, the press are baying for entertainment. They would love the transition to become pear shaped, and already they campaign for ALP interests.
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