Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Howard Addresses NSW Libs

Peter Debnam
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Thank you very much Geoff, Peter Debnam the Leader of the New South Wales Opposition, my many Federal and State Parliamentary colleagues and fellow Liberals. It’s always a pleasure for me to come and address the New South Wales State Council of the Liberal Party. I have been a member of this Division now since the late 1950s and much of what I know about politics I learnt in my early years as a member of the New South Wales Division. Many of the challenges that we faced in those days, although in number and composition were different from the challenges we face today, the principles that must be brought to bear in meeting those challenges have not changed over that 50 year period. And that is a consistent commitment to principle, cohesive response in public to political challenges, and most importantly of all, providing the people of Australia and the people of New South Wales with a vision about the future as much as properly articulating and debating the achievements of the past.
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