Saturday, July 08, 2006

OWS Findings on Cowra Abbatoir

Cowra Breakout
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The Office of Workplace Services (OWS) today delivered the findings of its Cowra Abbatoir investigation.

OWS found that "the only reason for the actions of Cowra was the poor viability of the firm and its attempt to address the problem."

This finding was based on independent financial analysis commissioned by the OWS which found that Cowra’s ongoing financial viability was at risk due to drought and falling livestock numbers.

Accordingly, OWS will not seek to prosecute the company.

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Anonymous said...

OWS Director, Nicholas Wilson, has advised that there was no breach of the current Workplace Relations Act and because the reason to make changes and to terminate the employees concerned was financial viability there is also no evidence to suggest there would have been a breach of the provisions of the Workplace Relations Act as it stood immediately before the commencement of WorkChoices.

Kim Beazley’s opportunistic allegation in relation to Cowra that, "You could not do that under the previous law. You can now." (5/4/06, 3AW, Hinch), was misleading and wrong.

It is yet another example of Labor and the unions distorting the facts to create fear in the community about the workplace reforms.