Friday, July 21, 2006

Public Health Scandal

Sydney Harbour
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam said today Morris Iemma must come clean with the public and make a full statement on the extent of the dioxins scandal in Sydney Harbour.

"First as Health Minister and now Premier, Morris Iemma has refused to come clean with the public about the extent of the dioxins scandal in Sydney Harbour," Mr Debnam said.

"The Labor Government has knowingly allowed Sydney Harbour fishermen to be poisoned. This is criminal," he said.

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Anonymous said...

"Where are the warnings other than in Labor Party media releases? Morris Iemma had to be dragged kicking and screaming by the community even just to provide blood tests for commercial fishermen.

"It was always clear that the fishermen and their families were at risk because they consumed high levels of fish. Now it's reported that every one of the more than 90 people tested has raised levels of dioxins.

"Morris Iemma needs to ensure first class ongoing health management including regular monitoring should they develop medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and possible birth defects.

"The Government needs to do more than just ‘stay in touch’. This is a major public health issue and the Government must do all in its power to clean up Sydney Harbour.

"There needs to be immediate action to see what the effect of eating this poisoned fish has had on recreational fishermen.

“Carl Scully told Parliament back in 1997 that $21 million would be spent to clean up Homebush Bay. This money still hasn’t been spent - that’s almost ten years of continuing contamination.

“The Government simply needs to get on with cleaning up Homebush Bay," Mr Debnam said.