Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Price of Supporting Hezbollah

Fleeing Lebanon
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At the moment, there is a sustained campaign on the part of the Australian media to blame Israel for the current mid east crisis. It is acknowledged that Hezbollah has acted poorly, but much airtime is devoted to the ferocity and apparent indiscriminate nature of Israel's assault.

Assessing Israeli response highlights UN culpability in this crisis. Lebanese people are not terrorists, but victims of terror. Before Hezbollah was elected to government in Lebanon, Israel would not have taken the actions they now do. Now Israel are correct in claiming that Lebanese government must act to limit Hezbollah activity. The UN has overseen the withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon through a policy of abrogation of responsibility. Hezbollah has popular support in Lebanon, but no terrorist organisation deserves political representation .. in this case, Lebanese are victims.

Side issues include the fact that conservative government has been removed in Israel to satisfy international media demands. My observation is liberals bomb their enemies, conservatives fight them.

Israel is in a difficult position, but behaving understandably. It cannot condone the murder, kidnapping or bombing of its peoples. The UN has offered no alternative.

Meanwhile, UN is counting civilian casualties in Iraq.
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