Saturday, July 15, 2006

Predator sustained by the state By Christine Jackman

Jeffrey John Hillsley
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PEDOPHILE Bill Clare had spent years preying on the young, the naive and the intellectually impaired, before he finally raped and killed a three-year-old boy following three weeks of sustained depravity in September 2003.

Still, the unkempt and overweight 32-year-old was having difficulty understanding why he was facing jail.
Sitting before a psychiatrist enlisted to assess whether Clare was mentally fit in 2004 to stand trial for the repeated rape of the boy's six-year-old sister, Clare spared few thoughts for his victims, complaining instead of his own fears of being bashed and raped in jail.

He denied any knowledge of the charges he was facing, but also revealed to doctor Dong Tran that he had been having dreams about a young girl he had "played with".

"It's wrong to do that to a child," Clare said, before qualifying, "sometimes it's wrong".

Then, in a chilling insight into the dank recesses of a pedophile's mind, Clare could not help but elaborate further.
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