Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Timetable fails

OSCAR researchers
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TRANSPORT Minister John Watkins' new rail timetable is a failure, with on-time targets missed for afternoon peak-hour suburban trains in 40 weeks out of the 43 since its introduction.
Figures are just as bad for the financial year to June 30, with the on-time targets missed in 49 weeks out of the 52 for the afternoon peak-hour services.

The story on all CityRail lines – which include the Central Coast, South Coast, Newcastle and the Blue Mountains – is just as embarrassing, with on-time targets met in just five weeks since the timetable was introduced in September.

CityRail defines a train as on-time if it arrives within five minutes of the scheduled time, something that was supposed to be easier to achieve after Mr Watkins introduced his new timetable with fewer services that travel slower.

The organisation said its benchmark is to have 92 per cent of trains arriving on time, according to its definition of on time.
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