Thursday, July 27, 2006

Out of Touch Parole Authority

Parole Authority
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Legislation in NSW shows the Iemma Government can and should intervene when the Parole Authority has made poor decisions to prematurely release dangerous criminals like Maddison Hall, says the Opposition.

"Hall is eligible for release as early as next week despite completing just 16 years of a 22 year prison term for a "cold blooded" execution in southern NSW in 1987," says Shadow Justice Minister Andrew Humpherson.

"The Minister has suggested he is powerless to overturn decisions of the NSW Parole Authority," said Mr Humpherson.

"However the legislation clearly states the Governor, on the advice of the State Government, has the right to remove any or all of the appointed Parole Authority members*.

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Anonymous said...

"Clearly, time after time, the Parole Authority has shown that its decisions are not only out of touch with community expectations, but dangerous.

"Expert advice to the Parole Authority has shown that Maddison Hall is not only unfit to return to society, but has a high likelihood of reoffending.

"The only reason the Parole Authority has done a dramatic about-face on its two earlier decisions to keep Hall in jail is because a bed in a Health Department-funded halfway house in Surry Hills has turned up – even the Justice Minister has conceded that fact.

"Hall doesn't even currently mix with other prisoners in Mulawa women's prison.

"Hall is in segregation.

"The Justice Minister says his department is seeking legal advice on whether a Supreme Court appeal will be lodged against Hall's release - he knows very well it won't be.

"He can legislate to return more power to the Government and the people of NSW.

"The community will remain at risk while the Parole Authority is prepared to release dangerous people into the community at the first opportunity simply as the Minister put it 'because a bed became available'.

"The people of NSW deserve better," Mr Humpherson concluded.

*Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Act 1999. Schedule - Parole Authority Part 1/6.