Monday, July 31, 2006

Debnam Welcomes PM's Decision to Stay Put

Mr Howard Mr Debnam
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam today welcomed Prime Minister John Howard's decision to contest the next Federal election.

"I congratulate John Howard on his ten years as Prime Minister and his decision to contest the next election," Mr Debnam said.

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Anonymous said...

"The Howard Government has delivered for Australia, but there remains more work to be done and this will be best achieved under the leadership of John Howard," he said.

"More work to improve Australia's competitiveness, keep the national economy strong and maintain national security.

"The contrast of John Howard's 10 years in Government and State Labor's 12 years could not be more stark.

"After 12 years of Morris Iemma and Labor, the NSW economy has stalled with zero growth, NSW has the highest state taxes in the country, above average unemployment, negative employment growth and a $700 million budget deficit.

"Trains are slower than at the turn of the century, hospital emergency rooms overflowing and crumbling infrastructure.

"This compares with a Federal Budget in strong surplus, income tax cuts, more assistance for families and older Australians and investment in road, rail and medical research.

"NSW deserves a higher standard of government. Morris Iemma as Premier and Health Minister has been a failure. Carl Scully as Transport and Police Minister was a failure. Joe Tripodi as Roads Minister was a failure. Michael Costa as Treasurer is a failure and Eric Roozendaal as Roads Minister continues to be a failure.

"What NSW needs is higher standards, better services and balanced budgets," Mr Debnam said.