Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Accident is Crushing Defeat for Israel in Press War

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It was the press who defeated the US in the Vietnam war, and Vietnam suffered for it. Not that US should have stayed and fought, but the entire character of the conflict was dictated by the press. Consider, more US people died on their streets than in Vietnam in the year of the height of the bloodiest .. Tet offensive.

I’ve spoken to Vietnamese people who survived. One person was a teacher. He described how The Unification (Communist) government mouthed publicly about the importance of cooperation. Teachers had meetings where they were told they could discuss anything, as long as it was kept in house. Those that questioned teaching practise of the Communists ‘in house’ were murdered.
Another survivor was an officer of the south. He removed his identifiers and so wasn’t executed, but was detained for 5 years in a concentration camp where he was tortured.

The press accept such barbarous acts. They accuse those who question their wisdom as war mongers. The left have weasels that have intelectually developed a language promoting defeat.

Qana was not deliberate. It was an accident of war. It happened because terrorists wanted it to, but also because the victims accepted the terrorist status quo. The truth is a little like what Kofi says. War is worse than capitulation. But as Japan and Germany show, the result of war may bring growth, which capitulation to terrorism (cf Iraq under Hussein) never endows.
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