Friday, August 11, 2006

Flaws in Rivercat

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A report into the January crash of RiverCat Betty Cuthbert found there are still serious flaws in ferry maintenance, radio communications and crew training within Sydney Ferries, Shadow Minister for Transport Barry O’Farrell said today.

The Betty Cuthbert lost control and struck a moored motorboat called BYO on 11 January 2006.

“The Labor Government has failed to address the systemic problems plaguing Sydney Ferries resulting in a never-ending series of crashes and accident reports,” Mr O’Farrell said.

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Anonymous said...

The Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) report into the January 11 crash of the Betty Cuthbert found:

• Radio Communication within Sydney Ferries ‘is below the standard required’,
• Quality assurance at the maintenance facility at Balmain was ‘inadequate’,
• ‘Obviously worn wiring was not replaced during engine changeovers’,
• And that ‘Sydney Ferries has very few employees with a detailed knowledge of marine electrics or hydraulics’.

“When safety investigations find basic protocols regarding radio communication and engine maintenance are being ignored, you know the Government is not serious about ferry safety.

“After eight ferry crashes in two years and eight crash reports the Government is still being asked to improve basic safety standards for Sydney Ferries.

“Recommendations about improving crew training have been central to the last seven ferry crash reports by OTSI, yet commuters are yet to hear of any detailed programs undertaken by Sydney Ferries to address the issue.

“The OTSI report also found ‘safety critical components on board Betty Cuthbert were not readily identifiable as such’.

“Until Labor starts to address the systemic problems plaguing Sydney Ferries, commuters will continue to be put at risk and endure an unsafe public transport system,” Mr O’Farrell said.