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Weekend Rant

Antony Loewenstein
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Pictured is a left wing writer who has abused family to promote islamofascist propaganda. His work includes the book "My Israel Question"


Weasel said...

I won't be reading 'My Israel Question' nor do I contribute to his blog. I share the same city as Mr Loewenstein, that is all. It is my direct experience of left wingers that they have poor listening skills and act as bullies. Nothing contradicts that here.

I visited the old and new blog of Antony. The thing about the great state of Israel is that it's people don't have to agree to be a people. Nor do they share the same religion nor race. During the recent Lebanese incident, some Israelis celebrated Hezbollah success, as is their misguided right. Antony shows a craven disregard of the welfare of Israeli peoples (and US). His thoughts are commensurate with an army of left wing followers, his sole distinction being able to backstab family. Luckily for him, he has supporters who share his worst ideals.

Weasel said...

ALMOST four years ago, an unassuming but increasingly desperate Perth grandmother wrote to then West Australian premier Geoff Gallop, pleading for his help to protect her two grandchildren.

Margaret Jakins told him the children were in danger. In the letter - dated November 20, 2002 - she said she was writing to him only after exhausting all other avenues.

“I hope my fears for the two little ones are only that and that it does not end in tragedy,” she wrote.

The horror that followed must surely this time lead us to question the idea that come what may we should keep a child with its parents.

Queenslanders, to their grief, have now learned how many children die when child protection authorities fail to remove children they’ve been warned are in danger. Answer: 40 in just nine months. In Western Australia the figure is 52 in a year.

Across Australia we read similar terrible stories:

A SEVEN-WEEK-OLD boy starved to death just a fortnight after a social worker demanded his mother take him to hospital, the South Australian Supreme Court has heard.

A rethink on how we help children - children who are being bashed, raped, drugged or starved to death by their own parents - is urgently needed.

It is really hard for government to know what to do with evil, self interested people. If they act too paternalistically, they open themselves to false accusation, like the stolen generation. If they do nothing, tragedy may ensue.

I think the state government of WA has based its policy on the concept of the 'lesser (cheaper) of two evils.'

WA would be more prudent to act in the best interests of its constituents, which involves judgement as a supplement to policy. Sadly, the ALP have neither policy nor judgement.

Weasel said...

EUROPEAN nations pledged up to 7000 troops overnight to form the core of a beefed-up peacekeeping mission in Lebanon capable of enforcing the fragile truce between Israel and Hezbollah, officials said.

The commitments account for more than half the extra soldiers needed to bring the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) up to a maximum mandated strength of 15,000, from its current count 2000…

But French President Jacques Chirac, who was speaking separately Friday in Paris, said a level of 15,000 troops was “excessive” and it made “no sense” to have such a large contingent alongside the Lebanese army in the region.

In Brussels though, Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, said the total European contribution would be “something between 5600 and 6900” soldiers, as well as air and naval assets.

So France leads the way in forging a UN peace deal that guarantees Israel 15,000 UN peacekeepers in Lebanon to superverise the disarmament of Hezbollah, only to say just two weeks after Israel signs up that that this number is “excessive”. And even then Europe sends as few as a third of the promised peacekeepers, with the rest to come from....?

We survived Aug 22nd. May we yet survive Islamo-Fascism?

Israel is a test case.

The future prosperity of the world rests on the ability of the Israeli flicker of liberty and freedom to remain lit.

One might surmise from the actions of Annan and Europe that they don't care.

Weasel said...

A fine private school offers your talented daughter a sports scholarship worth $18,000 a year. Do you say: “Marvellous!” and grab this wonderful opportunity? Or do you scream: “Scandal!” and insist she stay at her state school?

Wrong answer.

Let The Age and the fast-vanishing Uniting Church make clear that the correct answer is indeed “scandal” and that all those parents who said yes to such scholarships are bad people:

THE Uniting Church is launching a “thorough investigation” into Haileybury College, its elite affiliated school, after complaints from other schools that it has poached their students…

Yesterday The Age reported that Haileybury had poached an entire elite girls’ volleyball team from a nearby government school on scholarships worth up to $18,000 a year and had denuded another school of seven top players, forcing a champion year 9 side to be disbanded. The college has also lured about 200 girls, many on scholarships, from neighbouring schools, which has infuriated principals.

They lured those girls! Lured, I say. How did their parents let this happen?

Ahem. Do you get the impression that nobody ever offered the Age journalists and editors a scholarship to anywhere?

Oh, and listen to one of the aggrieved principals upset to have lost students in this way:

“It would seem that the trend being pursued does not accord with the strong justice perspective of the Uniting Church,” she wrote.

No scholarships for the talented. It’s just not social justice.

Private schools are different to NSW selective schools. In NSW, selective schools attract good students who statistically, do worse than they would at a comprehensive public school. For example, students walk into James Ruse with the top 1% of scores from basic skills tests, and leave in the top 10% UAI six years later.

There are lots of good reasons to send a student to a selective school, but academic performance isn't one. Sadly there is no way of avoiding left wing literature in any school system in Australia.

Weasel said...

Women the future of freedom
Ayaan Hirsi Ali says the liberation of Europe's Muslim women is the best way to encourage assimilation into Western society but the opportunity is being wasted

Yet another good example of what we may yet see achieved by the followers of Islam, once Islamo-Fascists are defeated.

Weasel said...

Global warming prophet Tim Flannery jets in to peddle alarmist nonsense again:

His claim:

“The Greenland icecap is melting away three times faster than we imagined.”

The facts:

Although technically correct (that one study reported some increased melting), it failed to convey the far more important knowledge that earth’s hydrologic cycle was sucking water out of the ocean and depositing it on Greenland in the form of snow at an even faster pace.

In other words, a careful review of all the recent studies suggest that ice cover on Greenland is, if anything, increasing and not decreasing. More snow is being dumped on Greenland that is melting.

Read the summaries for yourself.

Flannery also hasn’t caught up with the latest study that shows the seas have abruptly cooled from 2003 to 2005 in a way no climate model predicted.

His doom-preaching will be quoted to children in decades to come as a warning not to let faith overwhelm reason.

Fair go, he has to earn an income. How can he be expected to work on inflating figures if an inconvenient truth nips his reasearch before flowering?

Weasel said...

No surprise, sadly, but it didn’t take long for the white-Christian-race card to be played against umpire Darrell Hair. Here’s the latest from Tariq A. Al-Maeena, a columnist for the Arab News:

Why is the ICC not addressing Hair’s obvious biases? Is it because he is a white Australian currently carrying an English passport? Or are they trying to tell the rest of us that such feelings do not exist in the sports of cricket? We have witnessed Australians using racial slurs against Asian and South African teams. We know of incidents of racism during Australian matches with the West Indies. And no column material from ex-Australian cricketers sympathetic to Hair would convince the world otherwise.

There’s no question about it. There is an obvious undercurrent of racism and racial profiling here, an issue very sensitive among the members of the Pakistani team. Coming into London when some English citizens of Pakistani origin were being charged with trying to blow up aircraft heading to the US must have sensitized them even further.

Too easy, really. When you’ve got form for using this excuse to forgive terrorists who blow up children, it’s a doddle to use it against an umpire who catches Muslim cricketers cheating.

To remind you of Al-Maeena’s previous work:

But Mr. Bush, I shall not cross over that line to your side or to your belligerent and politically distorted principles. And if that makes me the Al-Qaeda, the Red Brigade or the IRA or any other terrorist group you would like to conveniently label up, then so be it!

I don't see that idiot journo as being the problem, but a symptom.

I think that this particular issue has been handled very badly, and the reason for that poor handling has little to do with that umpire, who has been a real tonic for cricket. I similarly don't blame the self interested gamesmanship of the Pakistani skipper. The reason why this has been handled so badly lies with the sports administrator Malcolm Speed. The ICC CEO works managerially, which is to say that he gives unreasonable orders expecting others to make sacrifices he wouldn't for 'the sake of the game.'

Speed's work for Australian cricket was abysmal. His crowning achievement will be 'modernising' the game through trashing icons like the Sheffield Shield when actual promotion might have achieved similar, or better.
The wiki article is currently inadequate.

Weasel said...

No sooner does Tim Flannery open the Melbourne Writers Festival with dire warnings of apocalyptic melting then we get yet more reports of growing ice:

Global warming could be causing some glaciers to grow, a new study claims.
Researchers at Newcastle University looked at temperature trends in the western Himalaya over the past century.

They found warmer winters and cooler summers, combined with more snow and rainfall, could be causing some mountain glaciers to increase in size.

Add to that reports that the ice cover on Greenland and Antarctica is, if anything, increasing and that the oceans have abruptly and unexpectedly cooled, then it’s no surprise that a Russian scientist now says the global warming preachers have got it all wrong:

A Russian scientist predicts a period of global cooling in coming decades, followed by a warmer interval.

Khabibullo Abdusamatov expects a repeat of the period known as the Little Ice Age. During the 16th century, the Baltic Sea froze so hard that hotels were built on the ice for people crossing the sea in coaches.

The Little Ice Age is believed to have contributed to the end of the Norse colony in Greenland, which was founded during an interval of much warmer weather.

Abdusamatov and his colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences astronomical observatory said the prediction is based on measurement of solar emissions, Novosti reported. They expect the cooling to begin within a few years and to reach its peak between 2055 and 2060.

I understand that the sun may be going through a Maunder Minimum. I accept that global warming may be delayed forty years or so. However, I still feel it better to acces fuel other than oil. I still want acquifer for water. I still want nuclear power plants. I want research into sustainable living (actually, I prefer gratuitous wealth). I want exploration under the sea and in the sky and space. I want a human habitat on Mars and I want to terraform Venus.

None of my wants are satiated because the green lobby are wrong. Bob Brown has never been right, but Brown is only important because the ALP imbue his rabid fantasy with power.

Weasel said...

Dr Christopher Hickey, of Deakin’s Faculty of Education, has a problem with separating boys and girls at PE classes:

He said he was concerned about the trend of separating the sexes as it reinforced stereotypes about the strength and abilities of boys and girls.

It’s now sexist to even admit boys tend to be stronger than girls?

Well, OK - I guess anything is possible is a state with vilification laws that can make it a crime to speak the truth.

It might be silly, but then it is probably ALP policy.

The anti gender discrimination has gone too far. Many years ago, the school office ladies used to place boy details on blue card, and girls on pink cards. It made sorting and checking faster and easier. Then a directive came through banning this procedure. You have to love those ladies .. they began placing blue and pink stickers on the plain cards.

I worry sometimes. What if my details had been recorded on a blue card? Would that not challenge my masculinity? What if it was pink?

I had to know.

So I asked my wife, and she said "Some things, God keeps as a mystery."

Weasel said...

The Sunday Herald Sun reports on an entrant to Miss Teen Australia

She is appealing. So much more so than those toddlers on the US stage. Still, I can't help but believe she is really interested in Australian Idol results and I suspect she likes 'That's Academic' or 'Hi 5.'

Weasel said...

Art critic Robert Hughes has written his autobiography. Highlights:

Her name was Danne…

We met at a drinks party in Notting Hill. “Do you want to meet the best f… in London?” the host delicately inquired…

Except to pick up groceries and the mail, and occasionally to take in a movie or a play, neither of us stirred outside much for the first couple of months of 1967. We were both in a feverish and untiring rut…

I also made a big mistake. In the course of some conversation about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I remarked that I thought there was no point in getting married unless you meant to have children. Me and my big mouth. A few weeks later Danne announced that her period was late… Having rejected orthodox names, we decided on Danton after the French revolutionary…

But Danne felt trapped…

Almost as soon as Danton was weaned, Danne announced in a way that would admit of no opposition that she needed to “explore”, to “look around”, to “experiment” with other lovers ...

Danne would find someone to f… whenever she felt horny, or for that matter quite often when she was not horny. ...

And off she would go; and come back, grey eyes blank, wide mouth twitchy, ill-tempered from the drugs, at 10 the next morning. Or not come back for another day or two.

It was like living with a deranged alley cat; moreover, an alley cat who ascribed her libidinal raging to ideological purpose. Once, when she fell into one of her fits of hysteria on entering the flat, I stroked her hair to comfort her and encountered a crusty patch of some stranger’s dried semen…

I think it was (Jimmy) Hendrix who gave her a sentimental souvenir of their encounter in the back of a limo: the clap… It was a nasty strain and it took months of antibiotics to shake it. Hendrix’s clap almost outlasted Hendrix himself, who died of an overdose in September 1970.

Extreme in all things, she finally declared herself to be gay…

I had several affairs with women myself during this time. But I am glad that I never bought into the absurd “f...-and-you-shall-be-free” ideology that was so common in London and elsewhere at the time. I sensed then, and know with a fair degree of certainty now, that it is an illusion to suppose that sexual promiscuity helps create personal freedom.

Mind you, had he dared say so at the time…

Postscript: Danton Hughes committed suicide at just 33. Miranda Devine suggests why.

And The Australian reports: Hughes will return to Australia to promote the book before its November release. But for that I have no sane why at all.

Andrew, I think you've a typo, Not Danne at 33, but Danton. Danne lived to 60, dying of cancer (and possibly self loathing .. she was obese)

The apologists for 60's lifestyle still parade. Hanoi Jane got a good airing on Parkinson, missing the point of those she aggrieved. Even so, she now admits some of her behaviour to have been a mistake .. before she collects herself and declares she is a grandmother and happy.

Those who think 60's lifestyle a good thing, might be interested in my short movie, 'Big Heart'

Weasel said...

Toad juice will do that:

A Cambodian Buddhist monk who stripped naked and raced through suburban streets after a heavy night of drinking rice wine laced with toads has been asked to leave the monkhood.

So soon after proving his monkhood?