Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If NYT Editors Were Editors in 1943

If NYT Editors
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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising An Over-Reaction
European Leaders Blame Jews For Disproportionate Response

League of Nations Anti Bias Panel Accuse Jews of Racism
Jews Caught on Tape While Racially Targetting Nazis

Zionists Have No Exit Strategy in Europe

Jewish Resistance Shatters Hopes For A Peaceful Final Solution
How Could Both Sides Have Blundered So Badly?

Goebbels: Zionists Must Be Held Accountable For War Crimes
Many Believe That The Charismatic National Socialist Workers Party Spokesman Speaks For All Europeans

Peace Vigil Calls For A Cease Fire

Jewish Over Reaction May Cause Grave Humanitarian Crisis

Poll: Public Opinion Shifts Towards Gestapo

Culture Shock: American Knee Jerk Support of Jews Irritates Cultured Europeans
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