Sunday, August 27, 2006

U.S., Afghan, Pakistan senior NCOs meet for first time

NCO's meet
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By Tech. Sgt. Matt Summers Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan Public Affairs

KABUL, Afghanistan – Senior enlisted leaders from Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States met for the first time this week to share insights between their respective armed forces and future interoperability.

“Building a relationship between these forces is essential,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Wood, Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan command sergeant major, the top U.S. NCO in the country.

Wood said he thought it was important to create an enduring engagement plan because the relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan is important not only to the U.S. mission in Afghanistan, but also to the overall campaign in support of the war on terror.

The meeting, linked to the U.S. Central Command’s Theater Security Cooperation program, coincided with the 18th Tripartite Commission meeting, made up of senior military and diplomatic representatives from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Coalition forces in Afghanistan, and NATO’s International Security Assistance Force. {Click on image for photo details}
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