Friday, August 25, 2006

A Reporter on Language, by Frank Devine

Frank Devine
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It's a pity US President George W. Bush spoke of Islamic fascists in connection with the failed plot to booby-trap passenger aircraft heading for the US from London.

Islamo-fascist is catchier: it's only one word, is easier to say and holds promise of developing the acronym IF (pronounced eye eff). We may even borrow from communism's epithet bank and refer to Islamo-fascist hyenas.
Al-Jazeera devoted an hour to discussing Bush's use of his phrase. Viewers who called in said they were infuriated. Tough. Bloggers have disputed the legitimacy of connecting Islam and fascism.

Personally, I consider Islamo-fascist among the most useful of the present neologisms, acceptably accurate in its portrayal of our enemies and filling an awkward gap in English vocabulary.
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