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Surgery Waiting Lists Grown Under ALP

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There are 11,377 more patients waiting for elective surgery in NSW Hospitals now than when the Labor Government was elected on a promise to halve hospital waiting lists according to figures on the NSW Health Website.

“This dramatic increase in the number of patients waiting for operations shows up the exaggerated claims being made by Labor MPs,” said Shadow Health Minister Jillian Skinner.

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Anonymous said...

“It is sickening to hear Labor boasting about cuts to waiting lists when latest figures, for May 2006, show that there are 56,084 people waiting for elective surgery.

“Many of these people are extremely sick and doctors are furious that they are being told which patients to treat first by administrators who are being forced by their political masters to concentrate on cutting long wait lists rather than those who’s need is more urgent.

“A new waiting list time sheet that has been introduced by the Labor Government indicates that it is acceptable for patients to wait more than a year for operations such as colonoscopies.

“Doctors have indicated they are very worried about this bureaucratic interference with their diagnostic role – particularly since these are treatments used to detect serious conditions such as cancers.

“And among those waiting are 1,397 children needing surgery at the Children’s Hospital Westmead, including 355 children waiting for Ear, Nose and Throat surgery, 209 of Eye surgery, 187 for Plastic surgery and 168 for Orthopaedic Surgery.

“Premier Iemma and Health Minister John Hatzistergos are obviously more worried about their own political necks than they are about these sick children,” Mrs Skinner said.

Other hospitals with extremely long waiting lists include: (see for full lists)

• John Hunter and Royal Newcastle - 3,679
• Gosford – 2,327
• Concord – 2,044
• Bankstown – 1,933
• Sydney and Sydney Eye – 1,689
• Liverpool – 1,666
• Nepean – 1,566
• Wagga Wagga – 1495
• Macarthur (Camden and Campbelltown) 1,362
• Manning – 1,139
• Wollongong - 1089
• Orange – 1,083
• Shoalhaven – 1,021
• Sutherland - 899