Monday, August 21, 2006

9th Navy Construction Regiment Prepares for Turnover

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By Chief Mass Communication Specialist (SW) Daniel Sanford

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq - The 9th Navy Construction Regiment (NCR), the first reserve regimental headquarters to be deployed to Iraq under its own pennant, is due to rotate out of country within the next few weeks.

Over the course of its six-month deployment to Camp Fallujah, the 9th NCR provided command and control of four military engineering units, including Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCB) 25 and 40, the 9th Engineering Support Battalion and the 46th Engineering Combat Battalion.

"We've done projects throughout the Al-Anbar Province that are very diverse," said Navy Cmdr. Mark Bellis, 9th NCR's operations officer. "We created and built more than 40 combat outposts, rehabilitated more than 20 Iraqi police stations, repaired more than 650 road craters, and drilled two water wells that provide fresh water to Iraqi security forces camps.

"We've also done some maintenance all over the Al-Anbar Province, such as repairing concrete on runways and repairing electrical and water systems, both on and off base." {Click on image for photo details}
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