Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cynical Reannouncement Highlights ALP Failure

Koala Hospital
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Today’s re-announcement of the redevelopment of Royal North Shore Hospital is further evidence Labor is more concerned about spin than patient care, Shadow Health Minister Jillian Skinner said today.

“The Labor Government’s re-announcement of the Royal North Shore Hospital redevelopment today is the largest broken health promise made by Labor to date,” Mrs Skinner said.

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Anonymous said...

“Labor announced the redevelopment of Royal North Shore Hospital before the last election, promising to start work in 2002. They have been re-announcing this project ever since,” she said.

“During that time the budget for the redevelopment has blown-out from $415.4 million to $702.1 million.

“The Iemma Government needs to explain why it has taken all of this time to do nothing, except almost double the budget.

“Budget figures show the Government has failed to spend its allocated funds to date and has blown its original timelines. And although the Royal North Shore project hasn’t started, the budget has blown out by more than $286 million.

“Labor is more concerned about fixing the headlines, rather than fixing the actual problems.

“Labor has however, found time to announce it will demolish Rotary Lodge, a facility a RNS that provides accommodation for rural and regional families of patients with catastrophic injuries who require intensive care.

“Residents of NSW deserve higher standards, better services and balanced budgets,” Mrs Skinner said.