Thursday, July 20, 2006

Costello outlines plan for nation By Johanna Leggatt

Peter Costello
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FEDERAL Treasurer Peter Costello admits to having a few plans up his sleeve if he ever gets to run the country.

During a grilling on ABC local radio by grade eight students from Cleveland State High school, in Brisbane's bayside, Mr Costello outlined his list of aims for Australia.
"I think there are a lot of things we can do that improve Australia," he said today.

"Making sure there are jobs for people, keeping interest rates low so parents can afford housing, giving better opportunity to our young people.

"I'd like to see our education system be the best education system in the world ... I'd like to see us conserve the environment in a way which would give you the most beautiful place in the world to live in


Anonymous said...

"I'd like to streamline government with more accountability with less costs.

"I want to deal with the ageing of the population ... and I want to make sure our people live in a prosperous country that's well-defended."
The treasurer has felt the heat over the past two weeks after he claimed Prime Minister John Howard had said in a discussion 12 years ago that he would hand over the leadership after one and a half terms.

It is a claim Mr Howard denies.

It was a point not lost on 13-year-old George, who asked the treasurer why he wanted to be prime minister.

"That's a good one George," said Mr Costello. "I think when you go into politics, you want to do the best you can for the people you represent ... and to the country.

"I've always said if I get the opportunity to make a contribution in another capacity I would like to do that too, George."

Mr Costello also reiterated his position on reforming federalism to minimise state and federal overlaps in essential areas, such as health and education.

"We have too many governments overlapping in too many areas," he said.

"Too many areas where both levels of government are both involved.

"If a hospital fails, which level of government is responsible?"

Ben said...

Hopefully he'll continue building on his agenda and profile without making rash decisions to challenge or resign from the frontbench!

Weasel said...

I think he has done the right things so far. All he need really do is maintain pressure on Howard and the Australian public will win.

I think the blow he delivered was measured and accurate. Howard should step down soon.