Friday, July 21, 2006

PM's Address to Committee for Ec Dev of Oz

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Well thank you very much John, ladies and gentleman. I’m delighted to be back at CEDA, and I hope in the remarks I have to make today which are a serious attempt to analyse some of the challenges facing us in the area of water and energy - I can contribute to the reputation of this organisation for thoughtful, considered discussion of issues of long-term national challenge.

I thought I might start by referring to an observation made by the world’s most successful, retired, university dropout, Bill Gates. And he said that most of us over-estimated change in the next two years, but under-estimated it over a period of a decade.

I think that’s probably relevant to the issues I want to address today, because water and energy do represent great challenges and also great opportunities for this country and it’s easy to state the goal of meeting the challenge and optimising the opportunity, but in order to achieve it, I think we have to jump to the three keys which unlock the solutions to those two challenges.
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