Thursday, July 27, 2006

Water Recycling for Ocean Outfalls

Water Recycling
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NSW Liberal Leader Peter Debnam and Shadow Minister for Utilities Andrew Stoner today announced they would convene a taskforce to reclaim a valuable source of water by recycling ocean outfalls off the NSW coastline.

The Ocean Outfalls Recycling Taskforce will meet on Monday 28th August to development an action plan to close NSW's ocean outfalls and recycle the wastewater for industrial use, environmental flows and for non-drinking purposes.

Representatives from the community include environmental groups, industry, scientists, engineers, Sydney Water and the State Government will be invited to attend.

"Recycling the ocean outfalls has a two-fold benefit," Mr Debnam said.

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Anonymous said...

"It provides a new source of recycled water for industrial and environmental flows and non-drinking purposes, and it improves the water quality of the beaches around NSW," he said.

"I will recycle at least one of the major Sydney outfalls during the first term of a Liberal/Nationals Government. I will pursue recycling of a number of further smaller outfalls, as an urgent priority as well.

“Ocean outfalls were a worthwhile technology twenty years ago but it is time we started pursuing a 21st century solution to Sydney’s water crisis.

“Labor are more concerned about protecting Sydney Water’s monopoly status than delivering practical solutions.

"As a community, let's simply commit to getting on with the job," he said.

Mr Stoner said after twelve years the State Labor Government’s only water solution was to build a desalination plant at Kurnell and pray for rain.

“Labor is more concerned about spin than practical solutions," Mr Stoner said.

“As a coastal MP and a passionate surfer, I am absolutely committed to making sure we leave clean beaches and oceans for generations to come.

“Let’s focus on what can be achieved rather than the perceived obstacles,” Mr Stoner said.