Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hamas Act of Evil Deserves No Support

Cpl Gilad Shalit
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Hamas was elected to government of Palestinians recently. While many were horrified that terrorists had been given governmental responsibility, the alternatives were little better. Hamas had been elected because Palestinians knew Fatah to be corrupt and incompetent. It was hoped that Hamas might be ideologically driven .. clean, competent .. and crazy.

Last week, the crazy side of Hamas shone through with the kidnapping of one Israeli soldier and the murder of two of his colleagues. Demands have been issued to Israel, who are doing all they reasonably can to save the life of this hostage. History informs us that no Israeli hostage survives Hamas.

Hamas have written themselves out of the international community. They are starved of legitimate funds because they have not moved away from their terrorist roots and embraced politics. The election of Hamas was not the worst outcome for Palestinian peoples. This kidnap and murder is.
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