Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Business Campaign Misses Mark

We Mean Business
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Information obtained under Freedom of Information laws confirm that Labor’s $3 million ‘We mean Business’ advertising blitz is blatant political advertising and not a genuine attempt to attract investment back to NSW, Deputy Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell said today.

“The State Labor Government is spending more than 80% of it’s ‘We Mean Business’ advertising budget in NSW, not in those states that continue to lure local firms away from NSW,” Mr O’Farrell said.

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Anonymous said...

The State Opposition has obtained figures under Freedom Of Information revealing more than 80% of the advertising expenditure was being spent within NSW.

“If this was genuine effort to attract investment back to NSW, you would expect 80% of the ads to be running in other States and in the Asia Pacific region,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“Instead, Labor has only one interest and that’s to try and pretend to NSW voters it is doing something about the State’s woeful economy.

“It’s straight political advertising and Labor’s Sussex Street headquarters should be footing the bill, not taxpayers.

“The total cost to taxpayers for this misguided business advertising campaign is $3 million, with up to a quarter to be spent on ‘production, research and agency fees’.

“In the lead up to next year’s election, taxpayers are paying millions of dollars for blatantly political advertising for police, trains, industrial relations, water and now a misdirected business campaign.

“It’s the type of wasteful financial management that has put NSW into the red.

“NSW is the highest-taxed state in the nation, a fact not lost on businesses who have closed their doors locally and moved interstate.

“This Government is only interested in fixing the headline and not the problem,” Mr O’Farrell said.