Sunday, April 13, 2014


So, all those marching today to encourage the government to let in refugees unchecked, are we to assume they are all in favour of the ethnic rapes, crimes and general hijacking of our justice and social system?
Just asking.
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  • Liz Penprase There was a march today?
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  • Daniel Mozuras In Adelaides march it was a case of spot the Aussie. With most chanting in strange languages, the silly bastards didn't know English.
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  • Stephanie Ann Carroll Tony, let's just be clear about a couple of things here.... the "marchers" advocate for refugees to be allowed in here (not necessarily unchecked), but never the less while the checks are happening, be allowed in to the community.

    Another point, I have never seen one person advocate for "ethnic rapes, crimes or hijacking of our justice system".... therefore, I find your original comment to be inflammatory and untrue.

    Give me evidence that people are actually advocating for those things....
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  • Paul Johnstone Come on they the rape, crimes etc only occurs because we are not understanding or tolerant enough and because Tony Abbot is PM - according to every stupid radical Left Wing applogist!
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  • Ivan Maher LOL in Adelaide says all that is needed ,, did SHY lead the procession ?
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  • Victoria Clark The important thing to remember is that they are not all refugees seeking to me through the back door - most are economic!! Greens don't address that issue - it doesn't suit their agenda.; No matter how many demonstrations they organise it will not change our govts policy nore what Australians want - stop the boats - protect our borders.
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  • Stephanie Ann Carroll The Liberal Party will STOP economic country shopping and people smuggling... that is a fact....

    However, if people believe they will stop immigration of muslims to Australia, that wont happen. 

    The original post about rapes etc is inflammatory.
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  • Anthony Broome I wonder if they would open their homes for Illegal Homestay? Now that would be interesting - harbouring potential rapists and child molesters with Jihad to infidels who don't like their cult?
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  • Daniel Mozuras SHY was running late due to the pie shop not opening until 11am on Sundays.
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  • Jay Newell There was a march... I thought that wasn't until the 25th 
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