Monday, April 28, 2014

Australian Tea Party is not welcome

Nice to see some are open about what the Greens really are
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  • Michele Orban has she ever lived in a communist country - nothing "fair" about it.
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  • Suzanne Hornery yeah this lot do & say all these kind of stuff BUT ACTUALLY PUT THEM IN A COUNTRY THAT IS COMMUNIST wouldn't last 5 minutes they way i c it they have this ideology B CUZ THEY HAPPEN 2 B IN A COUNTRY WHERE THEY R COMFORTABLE in living in their 'nice homes,have nice cars oh & what's the bet their kids go 2 private schools (can't b seen with the 'low life's now can we) ppl like this & i have some friends who think this way p me off
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  • Pasquale Cerra I wonder if this dipshit has applied for a visa to North Korea yet. I mean if ever there was a definition of a country with "full communism" then this little shit hole is it. She needs to realize of cause that outside the main capital, which is only inhabited by the privileged, the place consists of drones who work for the gate keepers in conditions similar to the dark ages. I notice behind her a computer terminal.. well that would be the first to go to prevent contamination of the party line... what an absolute, ignorant and stupid individual this woman must be... and yes I have been there lived in the Korean Peninsular for 8 years!!
  • Geoff Clarke The watermelon Greens communist? fuck me...who would've thought! The white trash of Australia!
  • Kheng Chan She should live in North Korea or Cuba.
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  • Annemarie Hasemann Go to north korea see what's fair! Don't label yourself you are to young
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  • Daphne Jackson IDIOT !!!! Want it so bad go live in NORTH KOREA & see how FAIR SOCIETY IS
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  • Annemarie Hasemann Idiot! right back ,you are much to stupid to talk to
  • Jonathan May She has no idea what Communism means obviously. I bet she has the latest iPhone in her back pocket and will stop at a coffee shop for a latte today...
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  • Craigie Burn The guy behind her looks to be having a big joke at her expense...
  • Terry Wood From the look of her desk it looks like a nice government job.. I'd be wary as the monitor makes it look like it's been whipped up in Photoshop just to stir the pot. Even the watermelons aren't as stupid to brand things pro communism openly.
  • Phillip Gosper Fred Nile was right to call the Green Party the watermelon party, green on the outside and red on the inside.
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  • Alan Hamilton we were all young and stupid once !!!!!!
  • Terry Wood No don't think I was ever that stupid. . These days they are stupid and proud to boot.
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  • Phil Box Yep, I was young and stupid but never a green or labour stupid. 
  • Steve Wolf With some people you have to wait till they open their mouths,to know how stupid they are.
    This woman saved us time!
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