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Is it balanced to curse what is good with one group, and what is corrupt in another?

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Author of Selling U.S Out urges All Political Parties to come together

by Paul Pannone
J.R. Martin  was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and completed his Master’s Degree with Central Michigan University while serving in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologist. He has since held key leadership positions in the semiconductor, computer, and medical device industries, receiving numerous awards for leadership and excellence. Visiting or living in 45 of the 50 states has deepened his appreciation and love of America. His extensive international experience includes development of business in Asia, Europe, The Middle East, and South America. Since releasing Selling U.S. Out in July of 2012, he has appeared on over 30 radio shows and spoken to civic and professional organizations across the country, including presentations on Capitol Hill and at American University Washington College of Law.
His book Selling U.S Out is an award-winning non-partisan examination of the trade and economic policies that brought about the current economic crisis.  It is receiving 5-star reviews from Americans across the social and political spectrum.

According to a recent statement by Martin, "I spent three years of my life researching and writing Selling U.S. Out and have spent the past 2 years speaking around the country. This has been a self-funded project and done purely out of my love and concern for our country. My dream was and is that this book will inspire Americans to set aside partisan politics and come together to rebuild our economy and country. We can and must do this for the sake of our children and grandchildren. "
The book takes the reader through a clear, concise history of how American manufacturing jobs have fallen prey to foreign influence and raises the question of how they've been able to be so successful without the help of our own elected government officials who are supposed to be looking out for our nation and its people.
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