Friday, April 04, 2014

Mad Baz

Baz misreads a comment and goes OTT
  • Lenti Lenko We may not have illegal refugees but we do have illegal immigrants..... The Former ALP/Greens minority government also had another name for them: CLIENTS!!!!! What a joke!
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  • Paul Kyladinos The hysterical and unpatriotic lefties will say anything to rubbish and undermine Australia because they put their political beliefs before anything else.
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  • Vanhao Tran My case Lenti Lenko
    Food, per head per week, was 2kg rice, 5 packets of instant noodle, a can of spam, a kg of dried salted fish so mouldy that we needed to wash the maggots away before re-drying. Those with relatives in US or France would buy extra food for themselves. The rest (90%) would make do with what we had.
    Accommodation was barracks about 50m long, with 2m wide raised platforms either side. We were allocated about 1m each, no privacy except makeshift curtains between families.
    Water needed to be fetched from tanks, 1 per 25 barracks so you can imagine the queue. We had 1 TV for those same barracks, and it was turned on a few hours per night.
    Curfew was 11pm and if you are found outside after, often you would get flogged to a pulp. Not that it deterred the young ones seeking some moments together.
    How Manus again, Paul Allen?
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  • Paul Kyladinos The refugees are also security risks because they come to Australia without papers and the smuglers tell them to destroy all documents on them. Al-Queda wants to establish terror cells in Australia because Australian troops went to Iraq and Afganistan.
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  • Vanhao Tran We put in application for refugee status and waited for resettlement. If you have family in US or army ties then you specify that, but otherwise we are at the mercy of the future host. We had to learn English (or French if you intend to go to France or Canada). The countries conducted interviews with various frequency. US was usually monthly, whereas countries like Norway or Sweden did theirs every 6 months.
    Not every one was successful and those fleeing after 90-91 often waited for years. I know of a few who waited for more than 10 years in Palawan (Philippines) before repatriated to VN.
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  • John Tran It's ever so sad when you think people will use other people's misery as a political attack than actually wanting to help.. The first thing is to stop people drowning and not let Indonesian smugglers see any incentive.. The second objective is to let our immigration department do it's job by focusing on refugees in actual camps nearer to areas of conflict and allow them determine cases that need urgent attention. That being done.. Some will love for more people to drown and turn their country upside down just to claim some victory, only someone with a twisted mind can do that..
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  • Phil Sattler more bs by the crybaby
  • Vanhao Tran Hear hear John Tran. "I hate Abbott, therefore his policies suck".
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  • Flora van Gulik And how does she know the refugees aren't?
  • Baz Hurst Interesting theory Vanhao Tran you dont want people to drown right? ...."hate Abbot therefore his policies suck"....right?... before Abbot Policies were put in place, over 1100 people drowned at sea, ..... since Abbots policies were put in place...NOT ONE person has drowned at sea.....REALITY CHECK... have another think about it
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  • John Tran His comments were in inverted commas Baz Hurst.. looks like you need to have another think.
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  • Baz Hurst hey John.....I did think again...this is what I came up with......"hear hear" means you are agreeing with what someone says.... ...followed by a quote in inverted commas. ... ... without being pedantic.....that post is agreeing with the quote...go figure
  • Baz Hurst hear hear.... "have another think"
  • John Tran Hear hear followed by my name. Obviously you already got the point.. it's OK to be wrong.
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  • Baz Hurst you should know 
  • Vanhao Tran Hush, we're on the same team. I only agreed with John that some "people will use other people's misery as a political attack than actually wanting to help."
    If anything, I appreciate you passion Baz Hurst but save your ammos for the leftards.
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  • David Daniel Ball Baz, in English there are many ways of expressing ones self. Following Van's argument, he was not despising Abbott, but pointing out the tired old lefty attitude that involves playing the man, not the policy. I value Van's contributions even if he had meant it the way you have read it. Did you complete year 10 studies?
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  • Stephanie Ann Carroll Baz Hurst, I deleted your comment to David...quite simply is was rude and downright insulting. If you have an opinion, express it like a decent human being, without the vile language or attack.
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  • Phil Box Excellent work Stephanie Ann Carroll. Keeping the debate civil should be our aim and that of every member. I don't care what people's politics or position is, just keep it civil people. not that hard.
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  • Baz Hurst just did what I've been accused of...
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  • Stephanie Ann Carroll Baz, i'm not here to argue with you, im here to moderate discussion. Simple.
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  • Phil Box Baz, just take your medicine, modify your behaviour and stay here for a long time. Whine like a spoilt 2 year old and bubye.
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  • Owen Loney Good ! More money saved for other services such as health and education
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  • Baz Hurst Hear Hear Sarah Hansen Young ""Refugees are now being treated by this Government worse than mass murderers and rapists,"
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  • Vanhao Tran  grow up will ya!
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  • Baz Hurst how do you read that? am I agreeing with it or disagreeing with it?
  • Stephanie Ann Carroll Like I said, not here to argue, I pulled you up for your comments directed at David, end of story..... have your opinion on anything you like without personal insults and abuse.
  • David Daniel Ball Be kind to Baz .. he is not highly educated.
  • Baz Hurst so you say David. But apparently you can get away with bagging people like tell me....Oh Mighty one.... how do you interpret this...................Hear Hear Sarah Hansen Young ""Refugees are now being treated by this Government worse than mass murderers and rapists," ? am I agreeing or disagreeing with the quote?.... please educate those less fortunate..
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  • David Daniel Ball .. read my earlier comment.  I said what I meant.
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  • Flora van Gulik He's not unintelligent. Half cut i'd say. maybe
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  • Baz Hurst thats fine Stephanie, youv'e got a job to do, no worries. ... I've been on this page a long time......because I am a Bolt supporter, and up to now, also a supporter of David youv'e got david is to call someone you disagree with (for what ?)...uneducated?... sad mate.. I responded to a quote, and got blasted, I responded to the blast and added an example..... quite simple really, it's quite simple even for the uneducated, I'm sure you adults will work it out
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  • Baz Hurst question too hard David?... you did complete year 10 didn't you?
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  • David Daniel Ball It is ok to not understand much. Discussion brings things to the open. Persevere.
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  • Baz Hurst answer the question david, educate me
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  • Stephanie Ann Carroll Baz, I have to say, you did insult David with a bit of language and unkind commentary. No reason why you can't let it go and just be a "bolt supporter"... why don't you join the 80's song thread and chill ????
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  • Brad McShane As well they should be
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  • Baz Hurst Stephanie, David was purring along nicely with a spiel ...then ended it with " you did finish year 10 didn't you"? ... you want me to send him a bouquet of flowers?.... And to date..NOBODY has been able to correct what I responded to., not even Professor Ball.... I DO understand though... it is difficult for those with a superiority complex conceding to the great unwashed 
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  • John Tran lol.. why Mavis?
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  • Brad McShane Man these Lefties just cant handle Logic can they?
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  • Stephanie Ann Carroll Ready please Mr Music 
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  • Craig Plaister The quote: 'Hear hear John Tran. "I hate Abbott, therefore his policies suck".' Was this comment meant to be sarcastic? That's how I read it. For the benefit of all commenters here and to defuse some of the tension, was this the case Vanhao Tran?
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  • Brad McShane WHo hates Abbott?
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  • David Daniel Ball Van has answered that as have I .. Van's comment does not mean how you have taken it.
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  • Brad McShane Let me just ask this of all those who hate Tony Abbott.......

    Have you ever met him?
    ...See More
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  • David Daniel Ball Brad .. nobody has said that here. Van put those comments in quotes so as to illustrate what the protestors are saying .. which is illogical. Then Baz decides he doesn't like it.
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  • Craig Plaister The left tend to see conservatives like Abbott, Bolt, etc as caricatures, not as they really are. Then everything they see fits into this picture, regardless of whether it's true or not.
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  • Brad McShane Aaaaahhhh i see! ALL GOOD! I only caught the tail end of that, and it wasnt directed at anyone here specifically.

    But it's an argument that works for me whenever Leftists pull that shit on me!
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  • David Daniel Ball I guess I hit a nerve with Baz re year 10 education, but John Tran's answer was perfect and Baz got belligerent. John was one of my students back in the day .. I get protective ..
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  • John Tran I know, it's Thursday, so much stress, chillax Friday's tomorrow folks!
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  • Baz Hurst Hear Hear Sarah Hansen Young ""Refugees are now being treated by this Government worse than mass murderers and rapists,"
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  • Baz Hurst again I agreeing with quote...or disagreeing?
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  • John Tran You need to chillax baby.. and take it easy.
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  • Baz Hurst so someone writes something....but it is not really what they meant?..that your argument David?.... that's a little "young and naive " of you
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  • Flora van Gulik Must be time for a beer hey, or 2
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  • Baz Hurst yeah I deserve a beer... Great unwashed 1... Overeducated snobs 0 
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  • Baz Hurst oh...and david...that's not the way it went down at all, as you well know  but...your name in the spotlights up there, so you got the conch....right?
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  • Baz Hurst beer O clock! cheerio 
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  • Vanhao Tran Go to sleep Baz. Come back when you are less highly strung 
    It was never my intention to upset or mislead anyone, or at least I thought I was quite clear. A confession here, I have a mancrush on the mad monk and a deep respect for our little Johnny. As for Brown, Milne, Bandt, SHY and the Greens, they are good for one thing - compost!
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  • David Daniel Ball Difference between a cheap snipe and Van .. Van doesn't miss his mark 
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  • Kris Atkinson Saving the budget especially when there are no asylum seekers. Great day 
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  • Brad McShane See the thing that i've always found bizarre is, the fact that the Lefty's come to our pages and have these "arguments" and claim that us Conservatives are all manner of things under the sun, yet how many of us here spend a second of our day on their sites arguing them????

    Very few, if any
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  • Mandy Mclean here's some Cheap Wine DDB
    . " Cold Chisel filmed at the Manly Vale Hotel the week the album East was relea...See more
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  • David Daniel Ball Lol, I've been growing a beard for three weeks, not three days 
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  • Mandy Mclean ^^^ watch out Jimmy, I've spotted him sporting a bandanna while singing also!
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  • Vanhao Tran Thanks David Daniel Ball. Must be the Viet in me  I cut some slack for Baz only because he is passionate and we do share an intense hatred of the bullshit that is spewed by the socialist left/green. Who knows, he may even shout me a beer if we ever met (hint Baz Hurst)
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  • Vivienne Smith Craig Plaister, your caricatures comment is spot on. And we all know who drew the picture of Abbott.....
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  • Vivienne Smith Haha Mandy, cross-pollinating threads I see! Good job.
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  • Vivienne Smith Vanhao Tran, I thought it was good to put natural waste into compost, not fake stuff?
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  • Vivienne Smith But we are definitely talking about waste, either way, I guess.
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  • Victoria Clark Refugees? Is she ignoring the fact that most are economic refugees - many have volunteered to go back to their countries - SHY is just a crazy radical women who see the greens as a way to promote her hate and her frustrated life!
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  • Vanhao Tran Vivienne Smith Still shit, fake or not. (Pardon the language)
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  • Baz Hurst Still didnt answer the question david. Ill take your silence as an admission. Apology accepted.
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  • Baz Hurst Vanhao. My Vietnamese family are on your side. They spotted your deliberate mistake. 
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  • Margie Tily Just clicked on one of Paul Allen's links (he must have gone to bed) and one of the Manus Island worker's debunks all the allegations in the comments that followed, including the fact that there was an unlimited amount of water in all compounds.
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  • Vanhao Tran I don't make mistakes. Ever. Even if I do, I won't tell!
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  • Baz Hurst Learnt that from Teacher no doubt Tran, Never admit you were wrong, especially when said teachers ego is invovled
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  • Vanhao Tran You misread again, Baz Hurst. Read again for the underlying tone. 'Nuff said.
sad .. some people have no idea what they say, what it means.
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