Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just deleted from Bolt Supporters Group

In case there was any doubt about just how much contempt Muslims in Australia have for Aussies and Australian culture (as well as all non-Muslims generally), following on from the demands in Sept 2012 , where they demanded all Australians be decapitated, then the fatwa at Christmas condemning any Christmas celebration, and then the open deceit at Easter from the so-called Mufti of Australia (Australia's Ayatollah wannabe), the all out offensive against Christians. The sham of...
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Anzac Day represents a nationalistic celebration, linked to the ideology of a disbelieving people, of events involving wars against the legitimate Muslim authority of the time.
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  • Jim Ball Turkey, the centre of the Ottoman empire got its arse whipped in WW1 as I recall. So much for Allah akbar. Get over it. Move on...
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  • Brian Turner The maggotts had better not come near our ANZACS. Those people fought and died so we could live free from the tyranical rule of the likes of them. The ANZACS old and new are here to stay and I will support them to the full. If you don't like Australia, pack up, get on your magic carpet and Float away.This is Australia, built on the Judea Christian ethics and while we respect and allow many religeons and walks of life, we will not tolerate the blatant attacks on our Nation. GO HOME and take a few of your "converts" with you.
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  • Darren O'Connell Wait for arch-republicans Ray Martin and pirate Fitsimmons to denounce a) ANZAC day and b) the flag on the holiest day for war veterans. Neither "journalist" has ever given such a sacrifice as our diggers!
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  • Brian Turner And not likely to either Darren. The Pirate wasn't backward in accepting a non-republican honour though, was he? BTW, he was a rugby player, maybe thats why they won't be playing the National Anthems on Anzac Day.
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  • Darren O'Connell Brian the pirate's so called Australian histories are dreadful reading tainted by his republican bias as to rewrite history. I don't recommend buying his output under any circumstances. Btw I've met him in person, not likeable.
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  • Terrance Mulloy I bet they will, Brian Turner.
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  • Brian Turner An arrogant egotistical worm. I did try to read some of his work but couldn't follow the dribble.
  • Darren O'Connell Euraka was just terrible, only managed the first 100 pages before giving up after recording numerous errors
  • Carolyn Cash Someone else commented that the Eureka book was full of errors.
  • Magda Geri yet it was the Chritian forefathers who died for the freedom they enjoy in this country,, and the western world,,,
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