Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harold's sook

As a recent new member to this site I have enjoyed it greatly. However today I was told by David Daniel Ball, who is a major contributor to this site and possibly one of the administrators, that my comments regarding public transport are "tainted" and therefore not valid as I am affiliated with NSW Transport. As I am also the parent of a gay child my comments regarding gay issues would also be tainted. As a worker and taxpayer then any comments I were to make regarding taxes or dole payments must also be tainted. As I am the father of three daughters my comments regarding women must also be taken as tainted. The fact I have voted and will continue to vote Liberal at every election must also make any comments regarding government or political parties tainted. The fact that I am a member of a union (of which I have major differences) must also make any views expressed by me as tainted. Therefore I would ask the site administrators to remove me as a member as I was hoping for a site where open debate and an exchange of different views would be based on merit not on labels. Thanks again and I have enjoyed my short time as a member.
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  • David Buttle I don`t like Islam so my comments in that area are tainted. Flawed logic i think.
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  • Susanne Marie Harold please stay. I'm sure the admin in question, after reading the above, may have a rethink at lease I hope he does.
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  • Ida Aughton Harold please don't leave.
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  • Ida Aughton David we live in a democracy.
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  • David Buttle No we don`t . Two parties that clearly don`t represent the masses and won`t put major issues to referendum. Besides, what does that have to do with the comment i made in support of Harolds issue?
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  • Ross Smith just a misunderstanding Harold. stay and sledge. its the Australian way.
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  • David Buttle I would rather you didn`t leave Harold. You are clearly intelligent and your opinions should be valued.
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  • Danny Hughes Cbd Limousines A point well made. You are going nowhere
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  • Paul Christian Yeah Harold stay around and get up there noses
    And no no one in particular. That is the Ozzie way 
    Good one Ross
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  • Paul Johnstone It would be disappointing if you left Harold and it is disappointing members of this group acted in this way towards you. Tony Abbott sister identifies as gay and has a partner. The reality is that while many of us may not like the gay lifestyle we ma...See More
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  • Ida Aughton My comment was not directed at David Buttle.
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  • Bronwyn Robertson It is an open forum - develop a thicker hide before you take your bat and ball and go home.
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  • Harold E Welsh I do apologise for my tirade must be the American side of my dual citizenship coming out. I was a bit of a prima donna there. Have no problem with a factual discussion but hate labels. I shall try to be more Aussie like in the future.
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  • Ross Smith all is well Harold. keeping fighting
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  • Richard Smith good job Harold go get a pie & sauce and all is forgiven!
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  • John Traeger Yes spot on well said
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  • Bronwyn Robertson we don't know what drivers are behind all these people on this forum (lord knows we all have them) but respect and healthy debate are necessary to us as human beings. The best thing is that we admire Andrew's journalism skills enough that we care we can put forth our point of view. Glad you stayed Harold 
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  • Jason Ransome I don't believe that to be accurate at all. I have long argued and debated against othet members in this group on gay marriage and gay adoption. I'm strongly in favour of both. David Daniel Ball has never silenced me.
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  • Jason Ransome I am a liberal supporter, former party member and candidate. However, I swing left on some issues. Most people in this group are friendly and engage in friendly debate. It's what us conservatives are best at. We let the abuse to people from the greens and labour. I hope you stay in the group, as I may have finally found someone to back me up on the gay rights issue : - )
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  • Ida Aughton A bit of humour does not go astray.
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  • Paul Christian Ida This is serious LOL
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  • Ida Aughton I know Paul.
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  • Paul Christian That calls for a drink any one got a Grange they forgot about other than BOF
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  • Jason Ryan I would hope that everyone is allowed their opinion on this page. It should not matter who they vote for, if they added honestly, maturely and thoughtfully then who is to say what they can and can't say. If an Admin was to try and silence me, I would make know to you all and leave. There are negatives and positives to Democracy and Free Speech.
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  • Bronwyn Robertson Nicely put Jason 
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  • Leonie Meadows Your post here is the answer to David Daniel Ball and I would stay on and continue the discussion with him, if he wished to reply. He didn't delete your comment did he? I don't know the thread is was on to see it.
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  • David Daniel Ball Harold, you misrepresent the discussion. I disengaged but have left it where it is so others can see. I have not tried to silence you. You wrote that Gladys Berejiklian had not been competent in rail delivery. I challenged that and then you said others had said that to you. I saw on your site you worked for Transport NSW and said I felt you should have objective measures for your feelings. I also pointed out Gillard had moved to silence public servants on writing opinion on social media. None of that is a threat to you. I don't know you and would not know if your job is with the transport union. I stand by what I said, NSW rail is improving substantially after 16 years of ALP mismanagement. You have claimed that security is less .. I pointed out police seem effective to me. You told me not to take it personally. As for your choices .. you make them .. I won't.
  • David Daniel Ball after all those years of failure, they are improving and becoming useful. She has done a great job. Do you know different, Ashley?
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  • Niall Baird What a great name 
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  • Daniel Katz ..Ashley Forsythe You simply have not got a clue what you are talking about. Gladys has excelled in her portfolio. You must ride a bike.
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  • Harold E Welsh Don't know that you could say the trains are improving as I ride them everyday. Perhaps you should ride on some of the late night servicesDavid Daniel Ball and let me know what you think.
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  • Daniel Katz ... Don't know about trains but buses and ferries have been great.
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  • Susan Szaflik I apologise Daniel Katz. I hope my words didn't upset you too much.
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  • Daniel Katz ... Not at all Susan Szaflik. You may now rise 
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  • Daniel Katz ... To be fair I should not comment about public transport. My wife does and she says it's great. My limo driver keeps me in the dark 
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  • David Daniel Ball I catch trains all the time .. late night .. early morning .. they run on time more often now .. are more relabel .. cleaner .. more likely to have functioning doors .. cheaper with Opal card ..
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  • David Daniel Ball Now, there are more services and the line from regents park gets more trains .. also it is quieter from new track sound proofing ..
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  • Daniel Katz ... Yes that's it. Wifey raves on about the Opal card and that was introduced by Gladys.
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  • Daniel Katz ... LOL@ Niall Baird. I just realised what you meant 
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  • Harold E Welsh Well glad to hear that probably just a problem on the Central Coast Line. Carriages vandalised and locked off, drinking and smoking, and anti social behavior. Won't let my wife or daughters use the trains late at night. Opal card works great up here as many didn't buy tickets and now don't have to have an Opal card either.
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  • David Daniel Ball .. and you feel that is worse than when the ALP were in government?
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  • Daniel Katz ... Harold E Welsh I know what you mean. The train to Newcastle is always full of feral scum bags.I have heard this from others too.
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  • Harold E Welsh In some ways David Daniel Ball it is worse. Yes there are more trains and express services, but the security is much worse. Not saying she hasn't made some good changes, but late at night you are pretty much on your own if you are on a train up here. Have friends in the Blue Mountrains and they say it is the same there.
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  • David Daniel Ball .. how is security worse? I've been beaten up on Bob Carr Trains .. the only ones that might threaten me now are police if i put my feet on the seats.
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  • Harold E Welsh Don't take it so personal I just don't share your view that Gladys has been the messiah of public transport. Lucky you if you actually see the police on your trains. Most of the time here they are standing at stations and if they do board a train it is only to go 2 or 3 stops and if you are lucky they walk through the train.
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  • David Daniel Ball I don't share your views .. you make claims for others .. I can point to personal experience .. that is not the same as taking it personally .. however, it is incumbent on you to justify your claim that that Berejiklian is not effective .. and you haven't.
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  • David Daniel Ball .. wait .. you work for transport NSW and you can't refer to objective measures?
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  • Daniel Katz ... Gladys is responsible for the transport network functioning efficiently not the security. That is a job shared among the police and security contractors.
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  • Harold E Welsh I speak from experience David Daniel Ball as I am on trains daily and witness what I have spoken about.
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  • David Daniel Ball Lol, Gillard created a public service code of conduct for that kind of behaviour ..
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  • Harold E Welsh You are right David if I work for transport nsw as you say then my opinion if obviously tainted and not to be taken seriously. Regardless of the fact I am a member of the Liberal Party and support them I guess any criticism of them must be tainted.
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  • Harold E Welsh What does Gillard's federal public service code of conduct have to do with this discussion David? But we shall agree to just disagree on some aspects of public transport David Daniel Ball.
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  • David Daniel Ball here is your speech
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