Sunday, April 06, 2014

Human rights in opposition to basic freedom

Australian Human Rights commission believe there is a conflict between the right to a free press (and free speech) and protections against discrimination. With respect laws like 18c do not protect against discrimination, but clearly have been used to silence free speech. Racial abuse is still spoken, despite 18c. Basic defences against said abuse are less now, because of 18c. 
Australian Human Rights Commission
2 April 2014""

Less than one week until Commission President, Gillian Triggs, addresses the National Press Club

Professor Gillian Triggs - President of the Australian Human Rights Commission
There is just less than one week left to book tickets to hear Australian Human Rights Commission President, Professor Gillian Triggs address the National Press Club in Canberra:
 ‘The Freedom Wars and the Future of Human Rights in Australia'
Freedoms – particularly freedom is speech – have not been far from the headlines over the last year.
The Australian Government believes there is a conflict between protecting our freedoms and protecting us against discrimination.
Though we live in a country where most people think or assume our freedoms are protected, it is little understood that Australia is unique among comparable legal systems - that we have few constitutional or legislative protections for the freedoms we take for granted and which, for the most part, are protected in our daily lives.
The contrast between the way human rights are treated in Australia and the way they are treated, for example, in Europe and North America is quite stark.
But do people in Australia really feel their freedoms are at risk because too much time is spent fighting discrimination? What freedoms are being restricted and for whom? What, if anything should be done to change this picture?
WHEN: Wednesday April 9, Arrive from 11.30am, lunch Midday, Speech 12.30 – 1.30pm
WHERE: National Press Club of Australia, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT

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