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And to beautiful Passover music too!!!
Israel is the only country in the world that not only mentions its capital, Jerusalem, but makes it the focal point on the entire anthem- "to be a free people in our land -- the land of Zion and Jerusalem".
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Unbelievable!!! Go ahead, boycott Israel!
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He was one of Israel's best and most eloquent diplomats!
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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for April 16th. Enjoy!

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Debunking the Blame Righty propagandists…again

Here we go again. Liberal media outlets CNN and MSNBC have joined forces with the biased, numbers-cooking Southern Poverty Law Center and New America Foundation to foment renewed fear and hatred of conservative Americans...

Amnesty supporter Harry Reid on Cliven Bundy: People can’t violate the law and then walk away from it

The Koch brothers have obviously robbed Harry Reid of his capacity for self awareness...

Of course: Changes to Census Bureau survey will make measuring effects of Obamacare almost impossible

To be filed under “If you like your old health care questionnaire, you can keep your old health care questionnaire”...

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Dear woman, here is your son ... here is your mother (John 19:26-27)

16 April 2014

The Gospels tell us that Jesus’ mother and a number of the women who had followed him remained by the cross and with them was just one male disciple, ‘the disciple whom he loved’, traditionally identified as John. We read that ‘When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing near by, he said to his mother, “Dear woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.’ Roman law, with its typical combination of justice and barbarity, allowed that someone who was crucified could, even as they hung on a cross, make a legally binding last will and testament to settle their affairs.

Here, a few hours before his death, Jesus has only one thing left to sort out: his responsibility to his mother. So, as the darkness gathers, he turns to his mother and John and hands her into his care.

It is all too easy to see this as no more than Jesus affirming what we might call ‘family values’. We imagine him ‘looking after his mum’ in the same way as, on the front line, some mortally wounded soldier might ask a comrade to make sure that his family were all right.

Yet carefully thinking about what is going on here points us to something deeper and more radical. For a start we have to ask why Jesus handed his mother into John’s care? After all, although it seems likely that by now Joseph had died, the Gospels are clear that Jesus had other biological family. There are several brothers, two of whom become leaders in the early church, and several sisters. Both tradition and culture would suggest that the obvious thing for Jesus to do is to ask John to take his mother back to her family in Nazareth. But he doesn’t. He tells John that it is his responsibility to take care of his mother.

What we see here is something that is present throughout the Gospels. Jesus saw his purpose not just to forgive people as individuals but to create through them a new community – a people who would be based, not on racial or family ties, but on their relationship to him through faith.

Jesus makes the point that this new community must take priority over the demands of family (Matthew 12:46-49; 13:55-56; Mark 3:35). He is therefore being utterly consistent in entrusting his mother to the care of the community of believers rather than to his relatives.

Here on the cross Jesus looks forward to the coming of the church and demonstrates his faith in its future by committing his mother into its hands. This is very challenging. Our Western culture emphasises the individual over everything else. Here Jesus looks away from himself to show both care for family and his commitment to the Christian community. We need to practise this also.


Revd Canon J.John

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April 16, 2014 / 16 Nisan 5774

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Headlines & Recommended
Terrorists Kill Father on Way to Passover Seder
The Palestinian terrorist stood by the side of the road at shot at passing cars with an AK-47.
Emergency vehicles near the Idna Junction, where a fatal terrorist attack took place right before Pesach.

Netanyahu: PA Incitement Caused Pre-Passover Terror Attack
PM Binyamin Netanyahu blamed Palestinian Authority incitement for the terrorist murder of a police officer on Passover eve.
Israeli soldiers closed off the area near where a terror attack occurred near Hevron on Passover eve, in search of the terrorists.

Tunisian Jew Stabbed in Djerba
A local Jewish merchant was stabbed Monday on the island of Djerba.
The interior of the El Ghriba synagogue on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, in 2009.

Kansas Shooting Suspect a White Supremacist, Indicted for Murder
The suspect charged in the pre-Passover shooting deaths of three people outside two Kansas Jewish centers is a known white supremacist.
Blue Valley High School, Overland Park, Kansas, the school attended by 14-year-old shooting victim Reat Griffin Underwood.

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Hadassah Mizrachi - red
Hadassah Mizrahi, whose husband, Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, was murdered on Monday, described the terror attack on Channel 2 television Wednesday.
"We were driving from Modi'in to Kiryat Arba,” she said. “At the Tarkumia checkpoint, we said hello to the soldiers, and kept going. After the first roundabout, a terrorist was standing at the roadside. Baruch shouted 'A terrorist! Shooting!' and pressed the gas pedal.”
"Then I took a bullet,” she continued, calmly. “Baruch's foot was still on the gas. The vehicle started to zigzag. I took the wheel and kept driving, away from the terrorists. I saw that we had gotten pretty far away and lowered the gear. Meanwhile, the bullets were still flying by us and I told the children 'duck down, duck down. Everything is OK.'
"Once I saw that we were far away from the terrorist I took a piece of cloth and covered my bullet holes, I called [police hotline] 100 and informed them that there had been a terror attack, and that they should come, and then when the soldiers came I asked them for a personal bandage to cover my wounds because I have to live for my children.”
Hadassah said that she understood immediately that Baruch had been killed. “He breathed his last breath and immediately fell on me, and I lifted him up instinctively.”
She said that she does not know where she got the presence of mind to save herself and her children from the attack as she did. The terrorist kept shooting, she said. “He didn't give up, and I didn't give up either." Otherwise, she said, “we would all have been slaughtered.”
"We have five children, she said, “and they too will grow up and serve the country. It's what Baruch would have wanted.”
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