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jerusalem story
Some of these people have lived in Jerusalem for over 9 generations!
japanese surprise
Who would have thought??
irs obama
Very very scary if true.
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We at 12Tribe Films are excited to introduce to you the 3rd episode of our newest production - the Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller Episode #3 - Holy Hebron and Sweet Hebron Hills! Never before has the beauty of Israel been showcased for the world to see in reality TV format with the mission of educating, exciting and connecting people to Israel. This new series will reshape the entire image of living in Israel into one that is exciting, inspiring, and beautiful.
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Michelle Malkin 9
Hi everyone! Here's the MichelleMalkin.com newsletter for April 21st. Enjoy!

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Longing for the heady days of Solyndra, DOE ‘investing’ $4 billion to make it happen again

It was inevitable — like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano. Except in this version the swallows use government grants and loans to turn the Mission into a solar company that goes bankrupt, don’t repay the money, fly back to Goya in first-class and leave taxpayers on the hook for the loss. In other words, it’s for the birds...

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Father, into your hands I commit my spirit (Luke 23:46)

20 April 2014

We read in Luke’s Gospel that on the cross Jesus ‘called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last.’

After the physical, psychological and spiritual agony that is shown by most of the seven sayings from the cross this last one blesses us by its difference. It is a simple, quiet and gentle prayer: ‘Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.’ In Jewish tradition, these words were used as an evening prayer before going to sleep, so its use here is even more appropriate.

Once more Jesus is quoting a psalm, this time Psalm 31:5 ‘into your hands I commit my spirit’, but has added to it that vital and personal little word ‘Father’. The addition of ‘Father’ to these words is typical of Jesus and the result is a prayer of almost childlike trust and intimacy.

On the cross everything has been battled and fought, but now that appalling storm has blown over. The torment, the agony, the separation – all are now ended. Jesus’ work is done and as death creeps over him the darkness that has descended on the world lifts.

The return of that trusting word for God, ‘Father’, is a quiet confirmation that the appalling, unfathomable gap between Father and Son that existed on the cross is now ended. There is unity once more between Father and Son. Jesus knows that what will be wrapped around him soon are not just grave clothes, but his Father’s embrace. There is reunion now and soon there will be resurrection.

We have seen how we can personally identify with many of the words of the cross. We can do this here. This is a good prayer for every difficult and uncertain time in life. If you have come to know God as Father through Christ then it is an appropriate prayer at the start and end of any day, before any danger and before sleep. It is even more appropriate before death. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, whatever we face – even the grave itself – we can commit ourselves securely and confidently into the Father’s hands.


Revd Canon J.John

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I hope you'll tune in to Patriot Voices Radio Tuesday at noon ET.  You can listen online atwww.patriotvoices.com/radioor on your phone by calling (347) 857-3462.  We'll be talking about my book, Common Core, the future of manufacturing in this country and more.  I hope you'll tune in!
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In one week, my new book, Blue Collar Conservatives, will be available.  If you haven't pre-ordered your autographed copy, please visit http://www.SantorumBook.com today and place your order.
Blue Collar Conservatives tells the story of how in 2012, a mass of blue collar voters, enough to have tipped the balance of the electoral college in favor of the Republican candidate, simply stayed home on election day. Why? Despite their deeply conservative values, they had lost faith that the Republicans spoke for them and had their backs.
In this book, I make the pitch for the Republican Party to get back in touch with this base.

More Delays for the Keystone XL Pipeline
Late Friday when no one was paying attention, the Obama Administration quietly announced another delay on the Keystone XL Pipeline, extending a review period for an unknown amount of time.  This is absurd particularly when the project recently passed another environmental review.  Event Democrats are up in arms about the delay with some calling it "ridiculous" and "irresponsible." 
Send an email to President Obama and tell him enough is enough.   Use our convenient email tool to tell him you support the Keystone XL Pipeline. 
The Troubles with Common Core
In case you missed it, please take a read of my latest article on Townhall.com about what's wrong with Common Core.  Here's an excerpt:
"From its beginning, the Common Core State Standards initiative has flown under the radar. Its funding, its implementation, and the substance of the standards it proposes have received little public attention, but all of them are questionable.
"What troubles me the most is how fast these standards were adopted and how little transparency there was in the process. Not one state legislature voted on the Common Core standards. In the forty-five states where they have been adopted, it was by an act of the governor, the state secretary of education, or the state board of education. The people most affected by this enormous policy change-parents and teachers-never had a chance to weigh in.
"We have seen the failures of No Child Left Behind. Why would we hastily embrace a new set of national standards that further complicate education with little promise of improving our children's chances at success?"  Read the full article HERE.
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Check out "Growing Up Duggar"
I want to congratulate my friends Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on the new book out by their daughters, "Growing Up Duggar." This new book does a great job addressing so many of the challenging social issues young people are faced with in today's challenging culture. America needs young people with faith, values and conviction now more than ever before. Their message is encouraging and refreshing on living right no matter what's taking place in the culture. It's a great read for teenagers, young adults and parents, as well. You can find the book  HERE.  
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ukraine flyers
U.S. officials Thursday denounced what one called a "grotesque" leaflet ordering Jews in one eastern Ukrainian city to register with a government office, but the Jewish community there dismissed it as a "provocation. The fliers were handed out by masked men in front the main synagogue in Donetsk, where pro-Russian protesters have declared a "People's Republic," Jewish leaders there said. The document warned the city's Jews to register and document their property or face deportation, according to a CNN translation of one of the leaflets. Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, told CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper" that a respected Jewish leader in Ukraine showed him a photograph of one of the leaflets. He called the document "chilling." And in Geneva, where diplomats held emergency talks on the Ukrainian crisis, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the leaflets "grotesque" and "beyond unacceptable."
But the Jewish community statement said relations between the Jews of Donetsk and their neighbors were amicable, and the self-proclaimed head of the "People's Republic," Denis Pushilin, denied any connection to the fliers. Pushilin told CNN the handwriting on the flier wasn't his, and the title attached to his name was not one he uses. It wasn't clear who had distributed the leaflets, but the chief rabbi of nearby Dnipropetrovsk said, "Everything must be done to catch them." "It's important for everyone to know its not true," said the rabbi, Shmuel Kaminezki. "The Jews of Donetsk will not do what the letter says. The reports come as Ukraine's Western-backed interim government has been struggling to contain uprisings by pro-Russian political movements in several eastern cities, with both sides invoking the historical horror of Nazism in their disputes. Pyatt told CNN that radical groups may be trying to stir up historic fears or create a provocation to justify further violence. "It's chilling. I was disgusted by these leaflets," Pyatt said. "Especially in Ukraine, a country that suffered so terribly under the Nazis, that was one of the sites of the worst violence of the Holocaust. To drag up this kind of rhetoric is almost beyond belief." The leaflets were handed out on Tuesday, during the Jewish holiday of Passover, the Jewish community statement said. They stated that registration was required because Jewish leaders had supported the "nationalists and bandits" in Kiev, where a popular revolt ousted pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych in February.
Source: CNN
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April 20, 2014 / 20 Nisan 5774 / The short, Erev Chag Edition

Tonight begins the 7th day of Pesach. On the first day of Passover, the Exodus began when we left Egypt. On the 7th day, the sea split, and the Jewish people crossed the Yam Suf.

Chag Sameach

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Headlines & Recommended
Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed (Video)
Antisemitic attacks have escalated with the firebombing of a synagogue in the Ukraine. Watch the video of the attack...
Ukraine Shul Firebombed

Hikers Find Human Skull and Bones in Gush Etzion Cave
A surprised group of hikers stumbled across human bones in a Gush Etzion cave. But what they actually found was even more astounding.
ancient skull discovered Gush Etzion

Prominent American Rabbi Forced Down from Temple Mount After Violent Arab Riots
Rabbi Meir Soloveichik and his family's visit to the Temple Mount was cut short when violent rioting once again broke out on the holy site.
Hamas supporters marching on the Temple Mount, waving Hamas flags.

Pakistan Library Renamed to Honor bin Laden
Many Pakistanis consider bin Laden a "hero of Islam."
FBI Wanted poster for Osama bin Laden

Read more Headlines & Recommended articles

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This year's Passover celebration in Israel has been truly amazing and incredibly inspiring!

As we approach the final two days of the Festival of Freedom, the People of Israel wish you much blessing and joy...

We invite you to discover some fascinating and inspiring Passover insights that you probably never knew.

Click below to explore a great collection of Passover articles (keep scrolling down to see them all):

Just as we appreciate the incredible miracles performed by God thousands of years ago...

...we appreciate and thank you for the generous support that you have shown for the People, Country and Land of Israel over the last few years.

May God bless you with freedom and peace - and shower you with abundant 'chesed' (loving-kindness)!

Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Passover,

The 'United with Israel' Family

PS - Please forward this link to your family and friends to share the Passover wisdom and joy!

Here is the link --> http://unitedwithisrael.org/category/passover/
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iran cruisemissile
Iran is continuing its process of military armament, which is largely based on domestically-manufactured weapons including satellites, fighter planes, helicopters, missiles, radar systems and more. Iranian Navy Commander Habib Allah Siari announced Saturday that Ghader-type cruise missiles would be placed on Iran's destroyers.
The Ghader was unveiled in 2011, and can be launched from ships as well as from fixed ground positions. It is more advanced than its predecessor, the Nur, in precision and firepower. The new missiles increase the Iranian threat to naval movements in the Persian Gulf, and should be seen in the context of past Iranian threats to block the Straits of Hormuz, as well as Iranian territorial ambitions in the Gulf and rehearsals for attacking foreign ships.
Source: Arutz Sheva
john voight israel
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