Thursday, February 13, 2014

Royal Commission into sexual abuse of children and institutional response

According to the royal commission my life is worthless. My testimony has been recorded. The fall out of my having appropriately reported matters will not be addressed by them.
I am a witness to an apparent pedophile abusing children at a workplace, seen over the years 1992 to 1994 at Campbelltown PAHS. As a result of correctly reporting the abuse, I was transferred to other schools. I was doing out of hours work at Hurlstone Ag HS from 1998-2001. I met a child there, Hamidur Rahman who was allergic to peanuts. I warned my immediate supervisor, Richard Purves (Head Teacher Welfare with responsibility for boys) and his boss Joe Murray (Deputy Principal with leadership of the boarding school) about the issue and was warned, independently, by each, not to discuss the health welfare of students. Also each assured me staff were warned. I was not working at Hurlstone AHS subsequently when Hamidur was instructed by a teacher to lick peanut butter from a spoon. He died in seconds. The subsequent coronial investigation did not speak to the HT Welfare or DP, but spoke to a year adviser and the Principal. The Principal claimed to have had no knowledge and retired. The parents were told by the coroner it was an accident, and they should have warned the school.

The matter may have ended there, but I was harassed by the NSW Dept of Education following Hamidur's death. I had been harassed by the department following my earlier reporting at Campbelltown, but it got worse. Supervisors making outrageous demands became back office politics. A senior Mathematics class had their papers re-marked by my supervisor and marks were removed, penalising students who were in my class. I was told I was too fat to teach Mathematics. I was listed as partially disabled. I got mysterious phone calls and messages from people reminding me they knew who I was and where I lived. A postcard was sent from a mafia hit man with the postal stamp from the tv show homicide .. from his prison.
I took the matter to the authorities many times over the years. I was told by a fellow teacher (1992) who saw some year 8 students being instructed by the apparent pedophile that I needn't report the teacher touching the upper thigh of a year 8 girl outside the CPAHS Principal's office as 'she should have been aware of that and other things he did.' I made complaint in '93 to my Head Teacher Jenny Liu as to students wanting to change in my classroom because their PE teacher kept invading their change room while they were changing. I made complaint and asked for direction in '93 from CPAHS Principal Olivia Nicholls and was told to direct the children to report to the Head Teacher PE and take care not to involve myself. I did, and that Head Teacher referred those students back to their PE teacher for lunch detention.  I made complaint to the Department of Education in '94, when I was transferred to Bass Hill HS. I was then transferred to Canley Vale HS in '94. Because the NSW ALP were desperate, the Education Minister ordered teachers not to talk to the press, but report historical instances after the Woods Royal Commission. I reported then and got reply in '99 that the students (who had since graduated) had not wished to pursue matters. I was told by an investigator by phone that I was right to report, but by letter I was told that the matter was deemed closed and would not be pursued.

As a result of mistreatment at Hurlstone AHS, I complained to the Department in 2000 and in '01. I complained to the ICAC in '01 and Joe Tripodi in '01. After Hamidur died, I complained to the ICAC in '02 and was accused of inflating the previous issue. I got legal advice following a referral to Healthquest in '02 and was directed to attend in '03. I was offered a pension for disability in '03, but declined after a new Principal at Canley Vale HS, Pat Mahoney, promised the abuse would end. It didn't end and I complained to the Minister of Education in '07 and Joe Tripodi. I complained to Today Tonight in '07 and the local press. They promised to see through with getting a response from government, but when I stupidly told Tripodi's office what was happening they backed off. I complained to the Fairfield Police in '08 who referred me to legal aide. Legal Aide said I wasn't Aboriginal enough to help. I ran for government in '10 and again in '11 on the issue of social justice for Hamidur Rahman. I approached independents Oakeshotte and Windsor following their promise to address outstanding issues. They never replied. I approached Adrian Piccolli following the Liberal/National win in NSW in '11 and he referred me to police. Police said they could do nothing or me, but suggested the Coroner's Court. Coroner's Court asked Police to interview me, and I was instructed at interview not to refer back to the '92 issue as it was stale. I complained to the Royal commission in '13. I got no reply from them. I asked my local member to intervene. He couldn't, but I got a reply from a police person that the material was of interest to the royal commission. I made a cover note for the royal commission submission in '14, I made an extra submission of recent events in Feb '14. I got reply on 13th Feb 2014 from a royal commission officer that the commission has recorded my submission, but no further action would be taken as it wasn't relevant to the commission's terms of reference.
As a Math Teacher under paid scholarship I was offered a permanent place for Campbelltown HS, later to be named Campbelltown Performing Arts HS in term 2 '92. I had previously been temporary at James Meehan HS. On my first day, I saw a PE Teacher in the main quadrangle ..

1992, A PE teacher is seen inappropriately touching year 8 school girls outside the Principal's office by multiple teachers who agree to turn a blind eye at Campbelltown HS
1993 A year 8 class of girls complain about their change room being invaded while they change. Principal claims no knowledge, but has entire class placed on detention underneath the alleged abuser, who claims he has to walk into the girls change rooms or they fight. He also claims he has a deal with the Principal.
1994, Principal decides I am surplus to school needs. Promotes PE teacher to year adviser of year 9.
1994, Transferred to Principal's old school of Bass Hill, which is losing numbers. Transferred to Canley Vale HS
1996, Approach Hurlstone AHS for Border Tutor position. Richard Purves looks at my belly and refuses.
1997 Approach Hurlstone again and am accepted by Joe Barea, who is pushed aside by Richard Purves.
1998 New Head Teacher Mathematics at Canley Vale HS, Helen Best. Richard Purves starts me on probation at Hurlstone. Richard claims he is concerned I'm too fat to do my job.
1999, NSW Dept of Ed. investigators call me to apologise for what they wrote to me. I get a letter from them saying that no child was raped at Campbelltown PAHS, which is code for saying graduating students didn't want to complain. I'm invited to transfer to Hurlstone but the invitation is withdrawn when Campbelltown Head Teacher of Maths meets the Hurlstone HT Maths.
2000, Richard Purves transfers my accommodation to New Block, and then declares it is uninhabitable. I am placed in the staff common room during the Olympics and the Olympic Roads Traffic Authority is given 24 hour access to my belongings and facilities.
2001 My accommodation is again declared uninhabitable. I am allowed to work at Hurlstone as a boarder tutor who doesn't reside there. One evening I meet a year 8 boy named Hamidur Rahman. He tells me of his peanut allergy over dinner. I inform the school through the head teacher welfare (Richard Purves) and Deputy Principal Joe Murray. Both threaten me with legal action if I discuss the boy's health issues with the public. I follow up with Hamidur and he promises to not give up. I am never hired to work at Hurlstone again.
2002, I buy a unit in Carramar. Hamidur dies on camp. Canley Vale HS Principal meets with Hurlstone AHS Principal and decides I am too fat to teach Maths. I am referred to Healthquest, and offered disability which I decline. Education Department calls me to say that they will ignore me as they felt I was a vexatious complainant. The legal officer claims it s because of the boy who died.
2003 New Canley Vale Principal promises to not continue any abuse I claim to have suffered from previous. I begin blogging.
2004 I take long service leave and write my autobiography. I write some 50k words a month.I am treated for sleep apnea, rated a cure.
2005 I decline going to a 20th anniversary school reunion. Philip Berry who was a senior legal adviser to the NSW Premier, and a former school friend, corresponded.
2006 A new Fairfield Director of schools is appointed by special deal. The old one goes to Hurlstone's area and the new one comes from there. He is Bruce Sander, a colleague from my first school James Meehan. I try to schedule an appointment with him, but he is shouldered aside by another, James Colebourne. Colebourne sees me and orders me to delete my blogs which contain any references to school children. He claims the authority from the 2004 NSW Teacher's code of conduct, which Philip claimed to draft. James meets three times with me, securing my deletion of all my blogs, but not my music.
2007, I wait for state election, hoping to deal with new government. ALP reelected and Della Bosca is made Education Minister. I threaten to resign. I ask him to intercede in my case. He claims he doesn't see a problem. Today Tonight say they are willing to work with me if I resign. I contact Tripodi. I tell Tripodi of my media contacts, including Today Tonight who back out. I resign and discover there is no evidence of my citizenship because Bob Carr ordered it destroyed when he removed criminalisation of voters who didn't. ICAC uninterested in case, claiming they don't think they can secure a conviction. Legal Aide won't help because I'm not Aboriginal.
2008 I become a citizen of Australia (again). I am not hired casually although many jobs are available.
2011 I write a letter to the Coroner. Police ask questions. They don't contradict anything I claim, but assert Hurlstone never knew about Hamidur's allergy.
There is no impediment to my working. No one will hire me.
I want to live and it is a struggle without income. I have done nothing wrong. I have not had a permanent job since mid July '07, and no full time work in any capacity since '09. Currently, I'm being asked by the ATO for $66k. I am appealing that. I have to sell my home, and I have nowhere to go. I recently lost everything I owned to a raw sewage flood lasting 2 days. I was under insured. Insurers have handled it badly. One insurer assessed 340 of my largest books as being worth $5 each. 4 months on and still work is not completed.
I am a fully qualified Mathematics Teacher (B.Sc '91, Dip Ed '92, M. Ed '97) from Sydney University.
I have over 15 years full time teaching experience. I get to work early, and I finish my jobs.
I have been writing since '03 about 50k words a month. I have over 1500 Youtube items, including nearly a million hits, numerous poems, the entire Bible, written works, short stories.
I have a published autobiography.
I have numerous blogs and admin a number of sites.

I want to found a digital cultural museum in Fairfield/Cabramatta, providing tv ready high definition performances of cultural dance, martial arts, and community outreach to anywhere in the world.

Were an exhaustive investigation launched into either Hamidur Rahman or the Campbelltown issue in all probability it would be found that nothing much happened. My restrained response in each instance was appropriate and proportionate, registering my concerns with the right bodies when I was supposed to.

I would have happily left things as they were even following the coroner's report.

I took action after persecution escalated dangerously. Even so I approached the Minister of Education, Della Bosca.

Following that I have run for parliament twice and publicly campaigned as I have a right to do. But that means I am polarised politically and unemployable.

I have done no wrong.

I have lost.

My petition to Barry O'Farrell is not to investigate the cases but to remedy my situation which is untenable. I deserve a public apology .. and I know I won't get it. 
A petition has been established asking for the Premier of NSW to provide a remedy, initiated 20th Feb 14. Please sign it.
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