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Anti-Defamation League chief Abe Foxman believes that anti-Semitism is at its height since the Holocaust, and threatens the lives of Jews all around the world. "I think when we take a look at what's going on, I think the assessment is that anti-Semitism, not only in Europe, but globally, is probably the worst that it's been since World War II," Foxman said in an exclusive interview to Ynet. "Europe is where the Jewish people have paid the highest price for anti-Semitism, and it's sort of an old-new phenomenon," he said, defining it as "nationalists, anti-government people, neo-fascists, neo-Nazis of anti-immigration and anti-government coming together with a glue and cement of anti-Semitism. I think it’s a serious threat to Jewish life."
The Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a strongly-worded letter to Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Frans Asscher last Tuesday addressing a major degradation of the attitude in the Netherlands toward Jews and the State of Israel. The specific issue the letter addresses is a statistic from the University of Bielefeld showing that 39% of Dutch citizens believe Israel is conducting a "war of extermination" against the Palestinian Arabs. Asscher reportedly addressed the issue in the Dutch Parliament, saying the statistic was "worrisome" and "unacceptable." However, the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls out the Dutch official on not acting to prevent the phenomenon from spreading further.
A French court on Wednesday ordered controversial comic Dieudonne to remove two sections of a video he has posted on YouTube which has been widely condemned as anti-Semitic. In a ruling that will increase the pressure on the video-sharing website to ban the comedian from its platform altogether, a judge ruled that one of the passages breached French law on Holocaust denial and another one amounted to incitement to racial hatred. Dieudonne M'bala M'bala was given five days to remove the passages or face a penalty of 500 euros per day for each of them left online. Stephane Lilti, a lawyer representing France's Union of Jewish Students (UEJF) which brought the legal action, said they would now ask public prosecutors to ensure that the court's ruling is enforced. The UEJF said it would be approaching YouTube for talks over the steps the site should take to ensure that "they respect their legal obligations in future." YouTube, which has already withdrawn one Dieudonne video after he was convicted over its content, would not comment on whether it would be pulling the video - "2014 Year of the Quenelle" - that was the subject of Wednesday's ruling.
Source: YnetArutz Sheva
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Hi everyone! Here's the newsletter for February 21st. Enjoy!

From the Blog

Why parents are 'paranoid' about Common Core

When politicians want to evade accountability, they go on the attack. They don’t loathe anti-Common Core parents because they’re “paranoid.” They fear them because “paranoid” is the political demagogue’s word for active, alert and well-informed...

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Typical response from the Left when they can't control the narrative.
Liberal Logo

It has now been 64 days since there has been a successful people smuggling venture to Australia.

This is the longest period without a successful venture since before August 2008 when Labor started the boats.

This is a significant milestone.  It demonstrates that the boats are stopping and the Coalition Government is delivering the safe, secure Australia that we promised the Australian people.

Operation Sovereign Borders is working and the people smugglers are getting the message that Australia is under new management.

The policy changes we took to the election are being implemented and it is clear that demonstrable progress against the people smugglers is being made.

This progress is in contrast to the deterioration that occurred under Labor.

On average, a boat arrived every day during the last year of Labor.  At its peak last July, Australia witnessed over 4,200 illegal arrivals in a single month.

Under Labor’s failed policies, there were over 50,000 illegal arrivals, over 1,000 drownings at sea and $11 billion in Budget blowouts.

The Coalition Government will never let Australia go back to the failed policies of the past.

The Government’s strong resolve on our borders remains. The Coalition Government will not take a backward step in the fight against people smugglers.
Scott Morrison signature
Scott Morrison
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
Authorised by Brian Loughnane, Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Streets, Barton  ACT 2604.
Copyright © Liberal Party of Australia.
Getting on with the job of rebuilding NSW
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  • The NSW Government’s new measures to crackdown on drug and alcohol-fuelled violence begin on Monday 24 February.
  • From Monday there will be 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks in place across the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross precincts, while a ban on takeaway alcohol after 10pm will apply statewide.
  • The changes mean patrons must be inside a licensed venue by 1.30am or they won’t be permitted entry. Alcohol service will cease at 3am, however patrons will be permitted to stay on the premises until closing time as venues can provide non-alcoholic beverages, food and entertainment.
  • Police and officers from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing will be targeting peak trading periods with compliance and enforcement operations and significant penalties are in place for any licensee not adhering to the new conditions.


The latest monthly housing report shows there’s been a rapid increase in housing approvals with the housing construction sector heating up in good news for homeowners, tradies and builders, as well as the NSW economy....


Minister for Women Pru Goward has launched the NSW Government’s It Stops Here:Domestic and Family Violence Framework, supported by $9.8m in funding to drive down rates of domestic violence and better respond to victims when it occurs...


Minister for Health Jillian Skinner has officially opened the $2 million state-of-the-art Bicentennial Eye Clinic at Australia’s oldest hospital, Sydney Hospital...


The NSW Government has announced funding of $15.5 million to enable 26 researchers to explore new ways to prevent, detect, treat and better manage cancer...


An additional 52 grants totalling $162,000 have been awarded to schools across the State under the Eco Schools and Food Gardens in Schools programs...


Work has begun on a $48 million upgrade to the Bells Line of Road, reflecting the NSW Government’s commitment to rebuilding infrastructure in regional areas....


The Commonwealth and NSW Governments have announced an additional $1.8 million to support the recovery efforts of the Blue Mountains community following the devastating fires in October 2013...


Construction work is only just underway yet event organisers are already lining up for the new International Convention Centre Sydney at Darling Harbour...


A major milestone in the delivery of the $67 million Missenden mental health unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital was reached this week with construction reaching its highest point...


The NSW Government has launched a new effort to reduce waste going to landfill, announcing the first round of two new grants to support business recycling across NSW...


A new initiative aims to strengthen Aboriginal students’ sense of identity and pride, to encourage them to become more engaged in education and stay in school...
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Iran is taking America to the cleaners.

As Iranian warships steam through the Suez Canal heading for open waters of the Atlantic Ocean near the United States, we should be reminded of an important fact:

Iran doesn't fear the United States, our allies, or international sanctions. It fears no one.

Iran's recent actions are a clear message that they are feeling quite pleased with themselves and that they have broken through the West's regime of sanctions and feel secure enough to project their power on a global scale.

Recently, we received proof when Iran's foreign minister boldly disputed claims that Iran agreed to dismantle its nuclear program. He boasted, "We did not agree to dismantle anything!"

David Daniel, are you comfortable with the fact that Iran's power is growing and America's power is declining? I'm certainly not.

I formed John Bolton PAC for one purpose -- to see that our leaders remain committed to restoring American economic and national security.

David Daniel, will you help me fight back against enemies like Iran and stop American decline with an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away?

Barack Obama does not truly see America as exceptional; instead, he sees America as just another player in an increasingly multipolar world that includes an ascending Iran.

Imagine this - if Iran completes its nuclear weapons program those ships in the Atlantic could be carrying nuclear tipped missiles. Its radical Islamic regime could park them off of New York, Boston or Washington and directly threaten American power and security.

And why can they do this?

Because Obama has made us weak.

David Daniel, we need to act right now. Will you make an urgent contribution to my PAC and help me reverse American decline?

We must be prepared to do what it takes to protect the idea of American exceptionalism and our basic Constitutional priorities -- the preservation of which are essential not only to our security, but to our prosperity as well.

I'm done accepting second rate leadership for the best nation in the history of mankind.

So David Daniel, are you with me? 


John Bolton 

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

John Bolton PAC

Paid for by Bolton PAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee
February 21, 2014 / 21 AdarI 5774 / Good Shabbos!

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Headlines & Recommended
Rav Soloveitchik Told Me: When Women Write the Checks, They’ll Get Aliyahs
I believe it is essential for Orthodox Judaism to change and to provide women with full equality, including minyan, aliyahs and ordination.

woman of the wall

Haredi MK Porush: Netanyahu Is a Dishrag, We’ll Avenge the Draft Law
Porush insists Netanyahu had declared that while he's in charge there won't be criminal sanctions.

United Torah Judaism MK Meir Porush doing battle during a session of the Special Committee for the Equal Sharing of the Burden. He insists Netanyahu gave him his word there won't be criminal charges against Haredi draft dodgers. If I had a dollar for every time Netanyahu gave his word and took it back…

Does Size Really Matter, Mr. Kerry?
Israel would find its major population areas within rocket launching range if Judea and Samaria are relinquished

kerry pushing bibi

Film Exposé of J Street Reveals Decaying Core of Moral Narcissism
The film uses scholars, activists and carefully selected film clips to unravel the magical marketing mystery of J Street.

At 2013 J Street Conference this panel discussed how to subvert Birthright Israel trips, according to

Hillel Explains When ‘Open Hillel’ Will Result in Disaffiliation
If an "Open Hillel" hosts an event that contravenes the Guidelines, that will trigger disaffiliation.

Eric Fingerhut, president and CEO of Hillel International

Presbyterians Do Repentance and Drink SodaStream
It stands to reason that’s since BDS is based on the Big Lie, the impression that the “church” supports also is a lie.

Presbyterian church members visit the SodaStream factory in Maaleh Adumim

Muslim Clerics Finally Forbid Suicide Missions but Only on Mars
Islamic law forbids a one-way trip to Mars, a “fatwa” Muslim religious committee has ruled in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the Khaleej Times reported Wednesday. “Such a one-way journey poses a real risk to life, and that can never be justified in Islam,” the committee said. “There is a possibility that an individual who […]

Artist's depiction of Mars One astronauts and their colony on the Red Planet.

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Daf Yomi

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A Questionable Siman 

Rabbi Meir Orlian


A Tale Of Two Todds

As Told To D. B. Estrin


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IDF Navy Seals
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IDF Ghost
This anti-terrorist unit does some serious work!
IDF Seret Matkal
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February 22, 2014 / 22 Adar I 5774 / Shavua Tov
This email was produced and sent after Shabbat was over in Israel.

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Why is There a War on Hesder?

Hesder produces quality, dedicated combat soldiers and officers - why is it suddenly under attack. JoeSettler explores the reason...

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi during a visit to the Modiin Hesder yeshiva in 2010. Ashkenazi said,

Orthodox Manhattan High School Kills Khalidi Appearance

The statement from Ramaz said, “Our question was: ‘Is this the appropriate program?’”

Ramaz High School’s student-run politics society issued an invitation to Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University, but the talk was cancelled by Ramaz’s head of school.

NYC’s Jewish Museum Invites, then Uninvites, Major BDS Advocate

NYC's Jewish Museum portrayed pro-Israel patrons as the bad guys in a Kafkaesque episode.


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United with IsraelFebruary 21, 2014
21 Adar I 5774 
Explosion in Golan Heights Shows ‘True Face of Iran’
Mortar shells exploded in the Golan Heights following the Israeli PM's visit to an IDF field hospital treating Syrian civilians. The violence in the region shows the "true face of Iran," Netanyahu said.
true face of iran
UWI Delivers Bomb Shelters to Girls’ School Near Gaza
United with Israel supporters have responded again to the urgent need for bomb shelters in the south of Israel. which continues to suffer ongoing rocket attacks.
PURIM: Turning Sadness into Joy!
The festive holiday of Purim commemorates Israel’s salvation from extermination by the mighty Persian Empire, some 2500 years ago.
deutsche bankNetanyahu to Deutsche Bank: Never Again!
Deutsche Bank may want to boycott the Israeli economy, but recent decisions made by Google, IBM, and EMC show the world wants something different.
jews and arabs unitedJews and Arabs United in Mourning Over Acre Tragedy
Jews and Arabs united in mourning and anger at a packed funeral Monday for victims of a gas explosion at a residential complex in Acre.
rosesRockets into Roses International Giveaway
This week we are giving away a Petite Rose from Rockets into Roses! Rockets into Roses are precious, limited edition, hand-sculpted pieces of art created from actual rockets that landed in Israel – modern day versions of “beating swords into plowshares”.
living torahLIVING TORAH: Always Do Your Best!
Many people worked on the Holy Ark, but because Betzalel gave it his best, it is as if he himself constructed it. What the Torah is teaching us is that if you put your heart and soul into something and give it your best, it is as if you had accomplished it yourself, even if others were part of the team.
palestinian rock throwersPalestinian Rock Throwers Destroy Child’s Life
A few days ago, Adva Biton testified at the trial of a Palestinian man accused of throwing the rocks that put her three year-old daughter Adele in hospital until today. Her life, she told the court, changed dramatically on that tragic night.
israeli economy ministerIsraeli Economy Minister and EU President Meet in Brussels
Economy Minister Naftali Bennett met Wednesday with European Parliament President Martin Schulz and other dignitaries during a visit to EU headquarters in Brussels. While talks were pleasant and constructive, Bennett reminded several European leaders that Israel refuses to be "singled out" for criticism.
good news from israelThe Goals of the Jewish State
Good News Israel: Last week was filled with news comprising one of Israel’s main goals - to repair the world. But in case you were swamped by negative stories, here are some of the uplifting highlights.
USA: 1-888-ZION-613
Israel: +972-2-533-7841

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