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This is one of the classics from my childhood. Listen to the words carefully and remember to always hope and pray! That day will come…
spielberg on holocaust
Steven Spielberg spoke at the United Nations on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Click to listen. The world loves to give tribute to dead Jews, but they hate to give tribute to the Jews who are alive fighting for their survivial in the Middle East!
psalm 95
Click here to watch:PSALM 95 prophecy about Israel
INCREDIBLY INTENSE- This video will make you tremble.
arab muslim truth israel
Wow, this is so refreshing to hear. If what this Egyptian says would come to light, the Middle East would be changed 180 degrees! Do you think the Arab/Muslim politicans will listen to him?
Breaking News Videos - box-3
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joi 3 vid pic (1)
We at 12Tribe Films are excited to introduce to you the 3rd episode of our newest production - the Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller Episode #3 - Holy Hebron and Sweet Hebron Hills! Never before has the beauty of Israel been showcased for the world to see in reality TV format with the mission of educating, exciting and connecting people to Israel. This new series will reshape the entire image of living in Israel into one that is exciting, inspiring, and beautiful.
Don't miss watching this fascinating new Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller episode. Click here to watch and be inspired!
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Erez Crossing
Visit the Erez Crossing and discuss the civilian situation in Gaza
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Field Trips to the Hot Spots
  • Visit the Syrian border for a strategic overview
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  • Tour the Security Fence
  • Discover the complexities of the Middle East
  • Meet Arabs, Jews, and Christians living and working in Israel
World's Best Advocacy Training
Practical training in defending Israel by leading experts. Learn how to steer a discussion; how to use social media to Israel's advantage; and more...
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February 3, 2014 / 3 Adar I, 5774

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Today's Top Stories

• Israel and Turkey nearing deal on Mavi Marmara compensation.
• SodaStream boss accuses Oxfam of funding BDS movement.
• Abbas: NATO should patrol de-militarized Palestinian state.

Hot Content from HonestReporting

Seeing SodaStream For Myself: HonestReporting's managing editor visits the SodaStream factory for a first-hand look at the fuss and the fizz. Read more . . .

Watchdog of the Week: RTE Makes On-Air Apology for Ariel Sharon Slur: Irish broadcaster corrects the record thanks to action taken by three of our UK readers. Read more . . .

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Did you watch President Obama's State of the Union address last week? 
He made it very clear that he intends to bypass Congress whenever he can and use the power of the Executive Order to make laws that Congress won't pass. 
This threat by our president is a blatant disregard for our Constitution.
Our founding documents were expressly written to provide limits on government by giving American citizens, through our elected representatives in Congress, the ability to hold government accountable.
Laws are to be enacted by Congress, not the President of the United States.
As someone who campaigned on hope and change in 2008, President Obama said he wanted roll back the use of the Executive Power.
Yet he is aggressively using the Executive Order to push through his agenda on domestic issues. 
When President Obama took office in 2008, he had a majority in the House and Senate, and the ability to get his agenda through Congress.  But after two short years of Democrats in power, Americans said "no, thank you," and swiftly changed the balance of power giving Republicans the majority in the House of Representatives.
Patriot Voices is watching President Obama's use of the Executive Order closely, and we thought it appropriate to mail him a copy of the Constitution so he can reread it and better understand that the power of the presidency is - by design - limited.
For every contribution we get from this email, we'll add your name to the Constitution we send to the White House.  We want President Obama to know that Americans from every corner of our country have had enough!  He needs to respect the will of the people by going  through Congress to get bills passed, not by unilaterally doing it himself.
I hope you'll join us.  
Thank you,
Rick Santorum
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Dear David,
Lent is a 40-day period starting on 5th March (Ash Wednesday) and lasting until Easter Sunday.
The practice of Lent dates back to 203 AD. It is a season of reflection and preparation as we anticipate Easter. Many observe a fast (from food or TV) or take up a particular spiritual discipline. I would encourage you to intentionally seek God in a renewed way through prayer, reading or fasting.
Below are four books that may encourage and inspire you during Lent. Can we encourage you to take up the offer and purchase copies both for yourself and as gifts for friends and family.


Revd. Canon J.John
What does God want of Us?
WAS £8 | NOW £5

2,750 years ago, the prophet Micah asked, ‘What does God want of us?’ The answer was, ‘To act justly and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.’ In this book J.John and Chris Walley explore this answer for the twenty-first century. There is a right way to walk and someone who will accompany us on the journey.

WAS £8 | NOW £5

J.John's contemporary retelling is for a new generation of readers. Whether you are already a pilgrim or are considering the Christian journey, this story will inspire and instruct you through life's adventures and obstacles. It's not just the story of a man called Christian, it is also a mirror that reflects something in everyone's soul journey.

The Imitation of Christ
WAS £8 | NOW £5

One of the best-loved texts of Christianity after the Bible, this book has been influential since it was first written more than five centuries ago, with people such as John Wesley and John Newton profoundly touched by it at their conversions. Written by a German monk, it is essentially a manual on the pursuit of holiness and deep communion with God.

The Jesus I Know
WAS £8 | NOW £5

A platform for forty different people to tell their story about the reality of living and breathing daily with Jesus as their friend and guide, their comforter and Good Shepherd. Moya Brennan, Brian Houston, Andy Flannagan, Nicki Rogers, Dave Bilbrough, Aidan Troy, J.John, Ken Clarke – inspirational stuff, encouraging and empowering.

Buy all four books, get one free

In addition, why not encourage a friend or family member to take up the opportunity Lent gives us.

Click on the Link below to receive one book freewhen buying all four books.

(Offers end 17th April 2014 | Until stocks last)
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Michelle Malkin 11
Michelle at Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver, Colo.
Hi everyone! Here's the MichelleMalkin.com newsletter for February 3rd. Enjoy!

From the Blog

Wreckonomics: Worker says hours cut due to Obamacare; Obama cites as reason minimum wage has to increase

During a “Google Hangout” on Friday, President Obama heard from somebody who said he was a fry cook who’s had his hours cut from full time so the place he works could “avoid paying health care” (presumably due to Obamacare regs). President Obama’s answer? That’s why we have to raise the minimum wage...

Super Bowl open thread; Plus, White House keeps focus where it belongs

Looks like they’re going to luck out on the weather, by “New Jersey in February” standards at least. The game time temp is about 40 degrees with a 50 percent chance somebody will make a crack about the Chris Christie/bridge thing when a team’s drive gets shut down...

Big surprise: White House doesn’t want its own ‘equal pay’ yardstick used to measure equality of White House pay

During the State of the Union speech, President Obama said it’s time to do away with policies that “belong in a ‘Mad Men’ episode”...

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