Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rudd Obfuscates From Iraq

Ben Cousins Christmas Wish, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Ben Cousins returned to Perth today, and had a Christmas message for the journalists who have reported his appalling drug fueled antics. He wishes they would be run over by a bus. It doesn't yet seem to have occurred to Cousins that his selfish behavior might have cost the life of a close friend and ended his career. It will almost certainly end the life of a copycat fan and probably his own.

Meanwhile, onto other worthless beings, Rudd has gone to Iraq to obfuscate his message. 'combat' troops will be home by next Christmas. If they consider Jordan to be their home. Support troops will stay. This has been labelled as Rudd keeping his election promise to .. well, he didn't actually have to make any, but many believed he meant to pull all Australians from Iraq. It is never easy trying to be all things to all people. Anyone who heard the message, and didn't understand it, should be comforted. Those who believe that Australia still has a role to play in Iraq's future will be pleased that the empty gesture doesn't completely curtail that hope.

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