Monday, December 03, 2007

Rudd's Hand Signs Paper

Empty Gesture, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

Kyoto, which has cost New Zealand millions, and may now cost Australia more, was signed by Mr Rudd as his first act as Prime Minister. Similar in nature to the empty gesture of Whitlam in taking troops from Vietnam on his first day in office, Rudds act is not benign.

The withdrawal from Vietnam, although popular in support, populist in nature, cost Timorise and Cambodians untold suffering in the ramifications. But the communists needed to be contained after Whitlam unleashed those in Vietnam, and the weapons left over by the leaving US might have been sold to Timor's communists, so Indonesia's Soeharto was allowed to counter Timor's insurgency.

Those signatories in Europe were not able to meet Kyoto's demands and it will cost them many billions of dollars this year. Australia, for the first time, won't meet Kyoto this year.

Kyoto, even if it were effective, may not affect global warming. The gesture, although costly, will only cost money. The thing about money is that it is wealth that allows people to overcome adversity. The price of Kyoto is that more people will suffer.

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