Friday, December 14, 2007

More Outrageous Detail Of Controversial Rape

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A 10 yo girl is pack raped by 9 older boys and young men. A judge, on the advice of the prosecution, refuses to sentence to custody any of the rapists. One justification for the inadequate sentence is that 'the girl consented' according to the judge. The case cannot be appealed because the reporting took place after the 48 day period that such appeals might be lodged.
Previously, it has been reported that the girl had been raped when she was 7 years old. She had a sexually transmitted disease. She had been placed in foster care. Her foster father had taken two years off work to supervise her welfare needs. Then a welfare case worker, after two years, when the girl was aged 9, decided that placing an Aboriginal girl in the care of white foster parents might be an extension of the 'stolen generation' myth, and the girl was returned to the community where she had been raped.
The new detail is that some of the 9 who pack raped the 'consenting' 10 yo girl were also among those who raped the girl when she was 7 yo.
The Heiner affair, in which a 14 yo girl in youth detention was pack raped is salient. The 14 yo girl's assault was never addressed legally because the Queensland Government, under the administration of current Prime Minister Rudd, shredded the documentation of the evidence. Then Premier Wayne Goss made the claim that the destruction of evidence was a result of legal advice.
As with the 10 yo' s case, the rapists had confessed to their activity. They were never sentenced.
The Heiner affair happened in 1989. The 10 yo girl was raped in 2006. During the November 2007 federal election campaign, the Heiner affair was hosed down as an issue by many in the press, as well as the ALP. The 10 yo girl's case wasn't mentioned at all.

How many other issues have not been reported during the election campaign which are critical of the ALP?

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