Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Maxine Achieved Office Through Racism

Racism, originally uploaded by ddbsweasel.

It is a short term fix for a short term campaigner. McKew has no long term interest in public administration and, having done the job she was hired to do, might walk away from public office tomorrow. However, McKew has unleashed a very ugly force into Australian politics which may well render the long term goals of her own party unachievable.
There is no such community as an 'Asian Community.' There is greater diversity among Asian peoples than there is between human races. Mr Howard never pretended to represent any one race or community, instead, he represented his constituents and extended his heart to all, regardless of race, color or creed. Mr Howard is a Christian, but as a leader, he governed in the interests of all.
McKew believes in nothing, but hatred of conservatism which Mr Howard represented. In her campaign she enlisted the aid of Mr Hawke, who famously cried after Tiananmen Square, but whose innate racism supported the regime that committed the act. Keating's administration gave us activists with known links to terrorists. One might remember Latham's great difficulty in wishing well to those survivors of tsunami.
Yet McKew has had supporters make promises to people of Korean or Chinese ethnicity which she will not keep. McKew cannot give support to her own electorate to the level Howard gave. It is not Chinese peoples who will benefit, but possibly mainland government. South Koreans will not benefit and the Northern government won't want the endorsement.
How long before Bennelong will realize they were scammed? How will Bennelong respond?

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