Sunday, December 30, 2007

Responses to Che The Monster

"Ohh wow!! He executed many people such a big criticism by you!!?? There is nothing you can say to change people minds because regardless of your words and efforts to make him look like a monster you will never see him the way most of us do!! You! a white man who can careless and who can know less about the situation of South America have no right to call him a monster! And if he was a Monster.. thank God for Monsters like him who give us hope for a better future for our countries.."
"This is part 1 of a series. Putting aside the allegation of state sanctioned killing of innocents, The guerrilla activity involved some pretty terrible things which has left every single nation he had significant involvement with in poverty. Nothing to do with my skin color, but I'm sorry you can't see past that."
"Quite accurate description and great pictures.
Hero? Monster? As usual, it all depends on what side are you on.
"Dr Jekill or Mr Che ... Who has the answer ???"
"Yes, that picture.... unbelievable how it became an icon for so many of us, without knowing anything about what had gone on before. Food for thought, indeed."
"An interesting historical treat. I'm not fond of political leaders, when they try to persue their aims with force, violence and military power. "
"Isn't it funny how things and what things become icons of the world. "
"Superb narration and reveilling the true nature of an icon. For the common people he was and is still a hero... "
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