Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Graceless Left

Sometimes, we are reminded that although the left say nasty things which have no bearing in reality, they can gracelessly apologise too.
Erin Burnett Calls Bush AND Angela Merkel a 'Monkey' on Morning Joe
By Warner Todd Huston
On MSNBC's "Morning Joe," back on Monday, Erin Burnett let loose with her real feelings and laid it on the line right on the air, calling President Bush a "monkey" during a business news piece about the Nicolas Sarkozy visit to China.

During the news piece, Burnett said that she couldn't see how anyone couldn't have a "man-crush on that man," in an apparent allusion to French President Sarkozy. The video on the screen at the time was a shot of Presidents Bush and Sarkozy walking side-by-side, with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel just behind them. After her "man-crush" comment, Burnett made quick to say that she didn't mean "the monkey" and that she meant "the other one."

This caused Joe Scarborough and his co-hosts to wonder what the heck she was talking about? "The monkey? Who's the monkey? What's she talking about?" Scarborough asked.

After the crew kept asking her who the "monkey" was, Burnett then compounded her gaffe by acting as if she thought they were talking about Chancellor Merkel. "Why would you be talking about Angela Merkel like that? I don't understand," she bumbled in a failed attempt at humor.

Scarborough was nearly indignant at that one saying, "Now she's attacking Merkel, she's our ally in a time of war."

Naturally, they all treated it as a big joke, but it really was a reveling episode, telling us all how Burnett feels about America's allies and our own president.

Jeez, not much bias there, eh?


ERIN BURNETT: While Nicolas Sarkozy is in China, which of course is trying to become a financial capital of the world, and in honor of his visit the Chinese have announced $30 billion dollars of deals... there he is, I mean who could not have a man-crush on that man?

(Scarborough laughs)

BURNETT: I'm not talking about the monkey either, I'm talking about the other one. (laughs)

JOE SCARBOROUGH, host: The monkey? Who's the monkey? What's she talking about?

BURNETT: (giggling) Monkey in the middle. Alright... (more giggling)

SCARBOROUGH: I... I don't know... what's she talking about, Willy?

BURNETT: (laughing again)

SCARBOROUGH: You know, I think, I think she still has jet lag.

WILLIE GEIST, co-host: I don't know. That's my president, I don't know who she's talking about.

SCARBOROUGH: I know she's not talking about him!

BURNETT: Why would you be talking about Angela Merkel like that? I don't understand, alright, um...

SCARBOROUGH: Now she's attacking Merkel, she's our ally in a time of war.

BURNETT: (more laughter)

SCARBOROUGH: Now, listen, my dear, let me tell you something. When I'm jet-lagged I just take Ambien, some Tylenol PM and I sleep it off. OK?

BURNETT: It was my stop in Riyadh, it just made me insane. (still laughing)
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